Monday, March 30, 2015

Another Great Week! :)

Buenas Tarders Amigos! 

Well it seems like I just wrote everyone (and I guess compared to some weeks it has been a lot shorter time since I wrote!) but there is alot to talk about! We had a busy weekend, on Friday night we had our first Noche de Hogar en la Capilla (Family Home Evening at the church) and it went great we had a good turn out and were able to enjoy a good lesson, a fun game of uno, and then some delicious argentine sweets after! I always love activities like that to get to spend time with the members! 

On Saturday we went to Pinamar for our zone conference! It was a great day full of learning and enjoying time with the other missionaries and getting to hear from President Thurgood. Everytime I have the opportunity to listen to him I admire him even more and am just always reminded of how lucky I am to have been blessed to be sent here at this time while he presides over our mission. We didn´t make it back home until about 8 o clock that night, and so we went to go clean up in the chapel and get it prepared for church the next Sunday

President Thurgood had informed us the week before that he, his wife, and a senior couple who work in the offices were going to be coming to San Clemente on Sunday to be with us in the church meetings so we wanted everything to be nice and prepared. We spent all week inviting a bunch of people to come and explaining the importance of them attending this meeting and I had a feeling that it was going to be a great meeting and that we were going to fill our little place! We got their early Sunday morning to triple check that everything was in order and then started the ¨dulce espera¨ (sweet await) for the members to show up. I wasn´t nervous more then anything excited because I knew that it was going to be full. Well as we started the sacrament meeting we had 31 people in our chapel! It was so full that one guy had to stand outside! I knew we were going to fill it up!! :) 

I was able to bear my testimony because next week is General Conference and we wont have meetings in San Clemente and President informed me that I am going to be getting transferred. It was such a great way to end my last Sunday in San Clemente. The sister who chose the music with out even knowing I was going to be leaving chose ¨Para siempre Dios esté con vos¨ or in english ¨God be with you till we meet again¨ I was in charge of running the CD player for the hymns and as I sat looking over all of the people and singing that song I just started bawling. I love the people here so much and we have all worked so hard to get our little chapel growing. I know without a doubt that the work will keep on progressing here, adn that very soon San Clemente will have it´s own chapel. What a marvelous blessing I have had to work here in San Clemente! 

The other great blessing was Sunday afternoon I get a call from the Elders in Spegazzini, they were having lunch with the Morales Family and they called to inform that Tatiana finally was baptized and that the family is still doing good and progressing with the goal to enter the temple. I wanted to cry I miss them so much and just love that family with all my heart it was so great to know that Tatiana finally got baptized! Overall it was a wonderful day and just a great blessing in general! 

We are out of time! Have a great week everyone! You can check out my blog for pics of Neli´s baptism and some of the other adventures we have had! Love you all! 

 Well this was my last cooking adventure yes that is a cow heart! No you don´t want to make cow heart empanadas. Lets just say that adventure didn´t quite lead to the land of delicousness! 

 Our Chapel! :) 

Neli´s Baptism!
 More baptism pics! 
 The last of her baptismal pics! And then the start of the party at her house afterwards! Neli and her sister, and then all of us eating that night! 

 These are two investigators from Quilmes I got to know them here in San Clemente back in November and then they came back for this last month. I love them so much, no one will understand the depth of the discussions that we had and everything that we shared! They are such amazing people! I will always remember Adriana, Miguel, and Tito (the dog)! 

 Hermano and Hermana Garcia had their 25th wedding anniversary and because of the circumstances when they got married they didn´t even have a cake and so when we made the wedding cake for Alejandro and Sylvia I told her that I was going to make her a cake! They took the traditional feeding each other cake pic, so my companion said we needed to do the same! hahaha 

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