Friday, March 13, 2015

Buenas Tardes! :)

February 18, 2015

Hey Everybody! 

We are changing things up a bit this week, it was Carnaval here in Argentina and so monday and tuesday lots of businesses were closed for the holiday so President decided to make Pday wednesday for this week! Most of our moms didn´t like that, but así es la vida! (that´s life!) 

We had a good week, Elder Ridgley and I have been trying our bests to be diligent and work hard, and it has paid off we were able to find some new people and had some great lessons. A kinda funny/scary thing that happened to me was that this week I had an intercambio with Elder DaSilva who is a new missionary from Florida that got here at the begining of this transfer. Well the other elders aren´t exactly known for a clean apartment and I have told them, and told them and nothing happened. So when I got there I put my bags down and started changing my clothes and told Elder DaSilva that we were going to clean. So he starts in on the kitchen, and I took on the bathroom. (Can we just note the service and sacrifice to go clean someone elses bathroom...It took alot to get me there haha) So they  had some different cleaning supplies so I grab a 5 Gallon bucket with some water and mixed them all up. Well after about 5 minutes of cleaning I realize that this concoction is putting out some crazy fumes, and I started coughing. So I tell myself, ¨Nah its not that strong, you can tough it out!¨ Word of advise if you are ever in a tiny bathroom with a five gallon bucket putting out toxic fumes don´t try to tough it out. I almost croaked over in there!! I think I coughed for an hour straight and at one point almost panicked from not being able to breath. Thankgoodness after a prayer and trying to take it easy it passed, but all day lond I swear I was only running off of half lung capacity! 

Today we also did some deep cleaning on our apartment, behind the stove, beneath the fridge and some serious floor scrubbing. It's always nice when everything is clean! (Gracias Madre!) 

I think one of the biggest things that I am appreciating at this point in my mission is the scriptures, my patriarchal blessing (A special blessing that members of the church recieve to get guidance for their lives that also talks about some of the blessings that they may recieve and the things they can accomplish in their lives.) talks about learning to teach by the spirit and letting the scriptures guide me in my life, and I can honestly say that over the last few months I have developed a huge love for both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. It just inspires me as I read about the missionary journeys of Paul and the boldness and bravery of those first apostles, and then to be able to study in the Book of Mormon and read about the faithfulness of Alma or the diligence of Nephi in obeying the commandments. For every person there is a story in one of the sacred books that can and will change your life. I am so greatful for the knowledge that I gain each morning as I study the scriptures and I just wish everyone could see the blessings that come from studying the scriptures! 

Well mis queridos amigos my time this week is up, hope you all have a great week and know how much I love you all! Keep up the faith! :) 

Elder Hall 

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