Friday, March 13, 2015

What a Rollercoaster! :)

January 26, 2015

Hola Queridos Familiares y Amigos, 

We had a rollercoaster of a week, that in the end was a great one! We started out the week with our interviews on tuesday with Presidente, and then on wednesday morning we went to the temple! It was so great to go to the temple. It had been almost a year since I had gone, and it was so nice to be able to go and just enjoy the peace and the spirit that seems to only exist in the temple. I am so thankful for these sacred places, and for the opportunities that we have as God´s children to connect with Him in a place that is so wonderful. I had the opportunity to just sit and pray for a good time and I had such a sense of peace and hope that came over me not only for my family but for my converts, and for those I am teaching here in San Clemente! I have also set the personal goal to make sure that this one year period in between temple visits is the longest I have in my life. We all can become much better people, and have the spirit with us much more if we attended the temple more regularly. 

When we got back from Buenos Aires, my companion wasn´t feeling very well, and when we woke up the next morning he was sick... had a crazy cold that was almost like the flu. So we stayed home all day! Then friday he was feeling a little better so we went and finished painting the sisters house! (FINALLY! haha) and then in the afternoon we had meetings at the church. So we went all the way over to Santa Teresita, and we had a great meeting with our Branch Mission Leader and his wife the Relief Society President, we made plans to go visit people and it was great. Then right afterwards we had Branch Council. It was a disaster... Ugh. When we got back to San Clemente I literally just wanted to cry because I was frustrated, and didn´t know what to do. We are trying to work with the leaders more, but it has just been a little rough.

The next morning we get up and I was still a little down, and Presidente Thurgood called us. I am not going to lie the first thought that crossed my mind when he said he had some announcements for us is that they were going to close San Clemente, and we were going to be headed to different areas. Well thankfully I was dead wrong. The finally recieved the authorization to rent a place here in San Clemente so that we can open up a small chapel to start things up again!! 

I went from one extreme to the other! I almost couldn´t reply to president because I was so choked up from the happiness that I felt. After more then 3 months of fasting, prayers, and alot of work not only on our part but on the part of the members as well, the Lord answered our prayers. I can not tell you how big of a blessing this truely is for all of us here in San Clemente. We announced it to the members in a big text message last night, and they are all so excited. I want to first express how thankful I am to know that God truly hears and answers our prayers, and how thankful I am for all of the prayers that you all offered on our behalf. I am so excited to see the changes this brings to the area, and we hope to have it running in about a month! 

So it was a week of ups and downs but as always in the mission, the ups outweigh the downs and make everything worth it. Keep the faith! 

Elder Hall 

 Heading to the temple! Then with our entire district outside! 

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