Friday, March 13, 2015

Chau 2014, Bienvenido 2015! :)

January 5, 2015

Well Queridos another year has come and gone! Like you all already know 2014 was by far the fastest year of my life and I imagine a good part of 2015 will be even faster! What an amazing year it truly has been filled with challenges like any other year, but I honestly feel that for me and the majority of those that I am closest too it has been a year filled with lots of blessings, more then any of us could ever count!

Here in San Clemente we had a great week, and we had the best way to start off the first sunday of the year....with an inactive sister and her nonmember boyfriend (of like 20 years) at church! POR FIN!!!! :) After more then a month and a half with only having 1 or 2 members in total from church, ( and those 2 being the most active of all the members in San Clemente) we were able to get an inactive sister Hermana Silvia, and Alejandro who we have been teaching the lessons too. The other news that is really exciting is that they are going to be getting married this friday, and if hermano Alejandro is able to stop smoking and continues progressing will be baptized at the end of the month! Couldn{t have asked for a better way to start off 2015! 

Everything is getting so busy here we are in full on ¨Temporada¨(season) and it is full of toursists! One fun thing that happened to us today is that we were able to be tourists today, because we went to Mundo Marino (Argentine Sea World)! If I am being honest it was kinda lame in comparison to the Sea World in San Diego, but it still is amazing to watch the animals perform and the majesty of some of God´s Creations that often times we don´t think about because we only see them in books or movies, (or when we go to sea world haha). I think the best part though was getting to see the reaction of the three other missionaries with me. E. Santos from Brazil and E. Racchumi and Rios from Peru had never seen anything like it so for them it was awesome! :) 

Honestly I am just so happy to be here in the mission, even with the hard times I am finally starting to understand why they call it the best two years! Love you all! Have a great week! 

Elder Hall 

(If you all notice even my name tag made it into the pic! Who would have thought missionaries could be Dolphin Trainers!!) haha

 New Year´s Eve with our Branch Presidente and his wife! We did a traditional Argentine Salud at midnight (with sparkling cider! haha) And we ate so much! (Imagine that! haha) 

Mundo Marino!

 Dolphin and Shamu Show, (theirs is names shemwah or something like that!) 

A little piece of home that I found in a restaurant today! haha :)

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