Friday, March 13, 2015

A New Transfer For Us Missionarys and a Rejuvenated Hope for San Clemente!

February 23, 2015

Buenas Tardes mis queridos familiares y amigos! 

Hemos tenido una semana de mucho exito y estamos muy felices! :) We had a great week this week, lots of success and great news, and I gotta say my companion and I are pretty darn happy! Well to start things off today is the beginning of a new transfer and they let us know that Elder Ridgley and I will be staying together! :) It is pretty crazy to think about how few transfers I have left in the mission, truth to be told it makes me kinda sick to think about it, so I try not to! Lots of friends are on their way home today including my second companion Elder De Loayza! In all 28 missionaries are heading home today a HUGE group so many that they actually had to close quite a few areas because there wasn´t enough missionaries to fill them all. Next transfer there will also be quite a few that head home and the same will happen! So it will be interesting to see what happens! 

Saturday was a great day our investigator Nelly got back from Buenos Aires and said that she was going to be staying for at least all of the month of March, she also told us that she would be getting baptized this month! :) I swear Angels are going to come down from heaven when this little lady gets baptized we have nicknamed her,¨La Esperanza de San Clemente¨ which in english would be the Hope of San Clemente. We all just know that when she gets baptized because of the energy and desires that she has to serve the Lord she will help to change everything!

Which brings me to the other big announcement on saturday I called the Elders who are in charge of all the apartments and who were working on the contract for the new place here in San Clemente to find out if they were able to sign the contract on Friday. The elder told me,¨ya you guys can go pick up the keys today its ready to go!¨ I was shocked I figured we still had like 2 more weeks until we would have the keys, but the Lord definetly helped the process out and it got done faster! So we went and picked up the keys and checked out our new church! :) We were SO happy! We are hoping that in about 3 weeks we will have the church reading to go, I have put a date of 22 de Marzo for our opening sunday but it could be a little bit later! :) 

We are also super happy because finally february is almost over! Which means that all of the tourists go home, and the members quit working, and they stop having an excuse to not go to church or be home! Which is why Elder Ridgley and I truly have a rejuvenated hope for san clemente, I finally feel like after more then 4 and a half months of struggling, and fighting to get things going the Lord has finally put everything into place so that this area can succeed, my only prayer is that this happens and the members realize the great blessing that the Lord truly has given them! :) 

Hope you all are doing great and have a great week! Love ya all! 

Elder Hall 

Our Big Asado a few weeks back! 

We got some serious sun burns out cutting a sisters grass the other day!! OWW!

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