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Buenas Tardes :)

February 2, 2015

Hey Everybody! 

Well I gotta start this letter off letting you all know that after 17 months of writing an general email and hand putting in all of the addresses I learned that our missionary gmail has a contacts deal where you can make groups so it makes it so much faster! And there are some other people that I have only written a few times that I thought I lost your email, so now everyone address that I have stored in my gmail I put on the blast list! Why I didn´t figure this out sooner I don´t know.... 

This week we had a good week, the real estate office finished the contract for our the place where we are going to rent for the church, and now we are just waiting on the churches lawyer to approve it, and then President Thurgood has to sign it, and it is ours! We are so excited, I just hope that we are in it by the end of the month. It needs a little bit of work to get it ready for church meetings, and we have transfers the 23 of February. An interesting fact is that tons of missionaries are going home the next 2-3 transfers and there aren´t to many coming in. So they have said that there are tons of missionaries who are going to be doing white washes (where they put two missionaries in an area at the same time, and they dont know anyone or anything) and they are going to have to close a few areas. So it means that those who get transfered will stay in their areas for longer periods of time with out changing companions, and I have 3 transfers here, so it is likely that they take me out. I am praying that I get to stay here, I love my companion and I love San Clemente, and it is finally getting set up to have alot of success! But hey it´s all in the hands of the Lord. 

In my personal studies I have been studying el Libro de Mormón, and the New Testament (all in spanish) and I just love the scriptures I started the book of Acts this last week and I absolutely love it. There is so much that we can learn from the members of the Primitive Church (the mormon term for the church Christ established while he was on the earth) and the It amazes me the things that they did and the way that they did them. Although I am no where near being an Apostle like those great men of old, I am a missionary and for these two years I have the same responsibilty to preach the gospel, and invite others to come unto Christ. As I study the scriptures I learn so much, and I am starting to truly appreciate the blessings I recieve from studying the scriptures. 

I want to thank everyone from my ward and stake back home for the 40 day fast for missionary work that they have been doing, and for all of you who constantly pray for me and my areas and my investigators. I want to let all you know how much these prayers and fasts help, and that I feel the power of them, and have seen the miracles that have came because of the heartfelt prayers from each one of you. It makes  me so happy to know that I have people (a really long ways a way) that still look out and care for me and for those I teach. It means the world to me. We truly don´t understand how blessed we are, and the number of people that are looking out for us even when we don´t realize it. 

I love you all, I love the work I am doing, and I love my Savior. Although I fail Him alot, and I am no where near the missionary that I should be, I still feel His love and I feel the power of His Atonement making me stronger and stronger with everyday that passes. We should trust in Him and our Heavenly Father alot more, I know that if we do our lives will be alot better. I´m just thankful to know what I know, and to be able to share it with others!  Hope you all have a great week! 

Elder Hall 

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