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January 12, 2015

Hey Everybody! 

Well as you all read in the title today is transfers! Yesterday at 2:30 in the afternoon Elder Racchumi and a few of the other Elders from here in the coast jumped on a bus and headed to Buenos Aires, meanwhile Elder Medina and I hung out here in San Clemente waiting for our new companions! It is a bittersweet feeling when transfers come around and you enjoy working with your companion, these last two transfers have been alot of fun and I learned alot from E. Racchumi. I am gonna miss the guy, but I also know that changes are always for the better in the mission because I know it is the Lord who leads and directs this work! 

My new companion is Elder Ridgley from Riverside, California! My second Yankee, and my second from California. He just hit his year mark this last transfer and is 20 years old. I never knew him personally  but have heard a lot of good things about him so I am super excited! 

This last week was great because we were able to celebrate the wedding of Alejandro and Sylvia! On friday morning they got married in Registro Civil (Its like the office of the goverment that deals with govt ID, and marriages!) and then afterwards we went to their house to eat a ton of empanadas, and of course Wedding Cake! The only catch is that I made the wedding cake, (with the help of my companion and a sister in the ward!) I decided I am the only loco who would commit himself to making a wedding cake, and let me tell you all it turned out almost professional! The only bummer is that I can´t send pictures this week, so next week I will send them all!) 

I am holding out the faith that Alejandro will continue to have the desires to get baptized, but the thing is him and his wife are kinda crazy. hahaha (I know that sounds mean but it is true, I say it in a nice way.) They tend to change their minds alot, so the most important thing for now is that they got married and are now obeying one of the most important commandements of the Lord, the law of Chastity. I felt happy knowing that I was able to play a role in helping them come unto Christ in that way. It is interesting all of the different ways that we as missionaries can apply ourselves! 

We are trying our best here in San Clemente to help out the members and to strengthen the leadership in our branch, one of my biggest goals is to help the branch start running smoother and get the leaders to play a more active role, because when we have that we will then have the help of the leaders here in San Clemente. So we will see what the new companionship brings and what we can accomplish in this next transfer! 

Hope everyone is doing great! Love you guys!
Elder Hall 

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