Tuesday, April 7, 2015

La Plata Este-Round 2! Happy Transfers!

Hey Everybody! 

Well as you all can see from the title (ok well those of you who remember where I was a year ago will notice) that I am back in La Plata East Zone where I was for my second area! I am serving as District Leader in the Area of Berrisso where my good friend Elder Holmes started his mission! My companion is Elder Araujo (Ar-uhh-oo-show) from Sao Paulo, Brasil! He just finished his training and seems to be an awesome guy so I am super excited to work with him! 

This week went by outrageously fast (whats new...) and it was hard to leave San Clemente the other part that was hard was the fact that I only got to say good bye to a few of the people because we left early Sunday morning and basically all day saturday we had general conference. We got to Banfield just in time to watch the Sunday morning session of conference which for us started at 1pm and then we stayed the night and this morning got up to go to transfers! I wish I had the energy to write some great message about the resurrection or something inspirng that I learned from conference but I will be honest today I am absolutely exhausted and haven't eaten or drinken anything since this morning so my weekly email is short this week! 

Although I am tired from transfers, I am filled with an excitement and desire to give this area my all! It is pretty likely that I will end my mission here and I made the decision, listening to one of my favorite companions Elder Torres who went home today bear his testimony, that I was going to dedicate myself even more to the work and to give all that I have to this area. I share my testimony along with the many others that I have shared and along with alll that we heard during the conference that this is Christ's church, that He died, He resurrected, and He lives today. I am so thankful for His atoning sacrifice and what He did so that I can become better! 

Love you all and hope you have a great week! :) 
Elder Hall 

 Argentine Sunrise over the ocean! Absolutely gorgeous I couldn't help but think about the second coming of the Savior and how it will be even more beautiful and majestic than this! 

 Mi Distrito! So we had some fun after the district meeting taking all these pictures! I am going to miss all of these missionaries! All of them are amazing! 
Manuel and Dominga! (and my goofy companion!) A great family! haha 

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