Monday, May 18, 2015

Buenas Tardes Amigos! :)

(email 4/13/15)

Hey Everybody! Hope everyone has had a good week! It feels like it was just yesterday that I wrote but it has already been a full week! I am getting settled in here in Berisso! I really like the area, it is a mixture of city and not neccesarily country, but not cramped big city so it is nice! The members here are super nice and in church we had 78 people, so a pretty big change compared to our little group in San Clemente! Probably the best thing that the area has going for it is the leaders and their desires to work! Seriously though... in all my time here in Argentina I have never seen a ward counsel that works like they do, literally a 180 degree difference from the branch counsel we had in Santa Teresita (which has got to be one of the worst moments of my mission!) So I am SUPER excited to work with them and help this ward out. 

The ward is actually the oldest in the stake it has been around for more then 40 years! There also are a TON of returned missionaries like everyone served missions here so it helps the ward because lots of people actually understand and apply the gospel to their lives. The one thing that isn't to great is that because of some other missionaries that have been here before the members some what lost their confidence in the elders because they didn't exactly dedicate themselves, so I am trying to do all I can to gain that confidence back because it helps in EVERYTHING (lunches, references, lunches, With member lessons, lunches, just the important things! ;) haha) 

The other challenge that we are having is that the area is dead...So we are spending alot of time looking for new investigators, and just trying to get this place moving! We spent some time organizing the map, inactive members and talked alot about the ways to plan and how to use our time a little wiser. My companion probably thinks I am a psycho, which speaking honestly I kinda am because it stresses me out when things dont run like they should so we are doing all we can! 

Hope everything is going great for all of you at home! Keep praying, reading your scriptures, and attending church and then just leace it all in the Lord's hands! Love you all! 

Elder Hall 

 Neli and I!

 I am going to miss this old man so much! He is my argentine grandpa he gave us lunch every thursday and put up with alot! haha we gave him heck because he treated us like his grandsons so he had to put up with everything that came with it! (showing up to his house at random hours of the day asking for something to drink, large bags of laundry to wash while we ate lunch, just about anything! haha) 

 Elder Torres finished last monday! Gonna miss my favorite chilean!

 My big ole Brasilero and I! haha 

Neli made this for me before I left! It is a painting of the tree of life! :) Absolutely gorgeous!

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