Monday, May 18, 2015

Feliz 20 Months!

(email 4/27/15)

Well here we are again at another month mark, I'll just skip the cliche remark about time... you all already know. 

This week was an interesting week. The truth is that we still don't have investigators and we have really been looking but they are going to come! It is just a matter of time and to keep on looking, the Lord always has people that are prepared to receive the Gospel sometimes they just aren't easy to come across! This week I did have the experience of helping out an alcoholic with his addiction. Wow. Total testimony on the Word of Wisdom, Martin was a well off man he had his wife and I believe 4 or 5 kids, nice house, I am pretty sure they had a car and just a good normal life. As time went on he started drinking more and more and well as we see in lots of cases turned to fights in between him and his wife, which lead to their separation. After their divorce he lost his job, because he fell into a depression and started drinking more. Today he has little contact with any members of his family, his once big beautiful house is empty and barren because he has sold all that he had, to live and to support his addiction to alcohol. He told us how he just sits in his house and crys and drinks, and how that isn't a life. Honestly one of the saddest situations I have ever seen, and it just makes me so thankful to have the gospel in my life. Ya obviously alcohol isn't always so addictive, for each person it is different but he also didn't start out drinking so much. We are trying to help him along with one of his member friends to leave this addiction behind but it definitely is something that he is going to struggle with. 

Each of us have our own struggles with certain commandments but at the end of the day every single commandment is given to us for our own benefit. It made me think alot of what our young mens leaders taught me from the time I was 12 that we had to make the decision from that day when we were 12 years old to follow the commandments, that we had to make the decision that day to serve a mission. I know that it was because of the decisions that I made when I was young that have helped me make it to where I am today. For each and every one of us we have to make the decision to follow the Lord today, and not put off what we could do today, for tomorrow. 

I know that every time we make the effort to follow the commandments god blesses us, and that as we strive to become better people our lives, our homes, and our worlds will change. I love you all, and pray for you guys regularly. Have a great week, and thanks for all the love and support you all send my way. 

Elder Hall   

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