Monday, May 18, 2015

Things just got interesting...Emergency Transfer!

(email 5/4/15)

Well as you all read in the title this week is definetly an interesting one because tomorrow I will be on my way to Los Hornos 2 in La Plata Sur as a Zone Leader! They had to pull a few of the other missionaries out of the areas where there was 4 missionaries to be able to put them in other areas instead of closing an area completly. So we are getting pullled out and the sister missionaries are going to be in charge of all of Berisso! Pretty crazy! 

I am not going to lie I am not excited about having to pack up my bags and everything, hands down it is the worst part of the mission hauling those things around, and I was pretty set and happy with finishing my mission in Berisso but hey it just goes to show that in the mission there is nothing that is set in stone! I guess after so long I am pretty used to  surprises and things like this because for a missionary it is pretty common. I am pretty sure it was just a few weeks ago that I was talking to someone about how I had never had an emergency transfer, and so I probably jinxed myself! 

Berisso is a great area and although I barely made a month these people have left a big impression on me and my heart! It is amazing how in such a short time you can grow to love people so much. It is hard to say goodbye but at the same time in a few months I will be able to talk with them again! I have literally thanked my Heavenly Father I don't know how many times for the blessings of modern technology and the facilidad (ok I can not think of this word in english it and i am not sure if facility means a type of easiness as well as a building like place or just building like place #southamericanmissionaryproblems) to communicate with people! It seriously is a humongous (man my english is terrible today, forgive me super tired with a head cold and apparently my mind is in spanish this afternoon!)

We are out of time, but I just want you all to know that I love you guys and am greatful for all that you do for me! Have a great week! 

Elder Hall 

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