Monday, May 18, 2015

Hey Everybody :)

(email 5/11/15)

Hola Amigos :) 

Well today I am getting a head start on my writing because my companion is talking with his family so I am taking advantage and writing a little bit! This week has been a good week! I am getting adjusted to my new area and I really like it! My companion Elder Perez is awesome and we are really enjoying working together! It is funny because I actually met the Bishop of our ward this summer when him and his family went to Santa Teresita for vacation, and then there have been a few people  that I know members of their families! Funny how small the world is when your mormon! :) 

With today being Mother´s Day obviously I have to give a shout out to all of the mothers that I have had in my life and for the huge influence that you all have had in my life. I read an article today that some of the apostles wrote with thoughts about their mothers, and the one that for me seemed the most similar was what Elder Ballard wrote he talked about his mother was always one of his best friends and that some of his favorite memories were of conversations that he had with her. I am so thankful for my mother and for the friend that she always has been to me. I feel like I have always loved and appreciated my mom, but now I REALLY love and appreciate her. For me one of the hardest things since I have been a missionary has been to not be able to talk with my mom when I wanted! So for all of you who have the opportunity to talk with your moms when ever you want enjoy it :) But seriously I am so thankful for mi madre, es la mejor :) (she is the best)! 

It really is weird being at this point in my mission and now even more as a Zone Leader. We had an activity this saturday here in our ward called ¨Tormenta Blanca¨ (white storm) where all of the missionaries from the stake came to our ward and we split up with members and went to visit people. (The activity went well and I was able to get know the bishop which is always important for a missionary!) After we had all came back they cooked a pig leg in the oven and we had some delicious pork sandwiches, as we were eating I felt like an old man telling stories from the mission because almost all of the missionaries here are new! My companion and I are the oldest in the zone and seriously everyone loves to tell us how little time we have left. 

I am super excited for this weekend because we are going to 1. Have a baptism! 2. Get to see the broadcast of the Cultural Celebration for the Temple in Cordoba, and 3. On Sunday we have the temple dedication! I am so excited to be able to participate in the temple dedication. This will be my first time attending a temple dedication and it is even cooler because I am here in Argentina and it is the second temple in the entire country. I am so greatful for the blessings of the temple in my life. Honestly the real blessings of the gospel come from the temple because it is the only way that we can be saved, that our families can be eternal, and the only way that we can help in the salvation of those that have already passed on to the other life. We would be so much better people if all of us attended the temple more often

I am just greatful for my life in general as I look back on everything and especially in my time here in argentina I am just so happy to be here in the mission and for everything that has happened to me. Honestly I don´t have a single complaint and I just hope that as I continue to try to do what I can to continue in this path that I will be able to always have this peace and happiness that I have now! :) Alrighty well I suppose I have written enough for the week! Love you all :) 

Elder Hall  

PS: A little challenge for everyone! The challenge is to read the Book of Mormon in 91 days (starting today) it requires reading about 6 pages everyday and if you do it you will finish right as I am getting home, so it is a great way instead of telling me how little time I have left you all can tell me how far you are into the Book of Mormon! :) 

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