Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 80 (or something like that! haha)

(email 4/20/15)

Hey Everybody! 

The weeks have hit another gear speed wise, time is going by way to fast... The good thing is that we had some progress this week! We spent the week looking for new investigators and trying to help out some of the less-active families that the ward has assigned us and we were able to have some good lessons! Last week I mentioned that the leaders of Berisso were great because they all wanted to work and honestly it isn't just the leaders but there is quite a few members that are also willing to help us out. It just helps me to have even more desires to keep working because I actually feel supported by the ward! 

We had interviews with President this week and we were able to talk about how my mission has been and some of the different things that have happened during my mission, and then some of the things that I wanted to do better. When he asked me what my goal was I told him that it was to have more energy and desires to work and give all that I have here in Berisso. I had to admit to him that at the end in San Clemente it wasn't that I stopped working by any  means but it was a mixture of we had worked so hard in the first 3 transfers to get things moving that I just relaxed a little too much when things got moving good. So  I made the commitment to work, work and work some more here in Berisso and not get to relaxed after working super hard. I guess it is the great trial of life, endure to the very end giving it our all. It was a great lesson for me to learn and honestly exactly what I needed to keep on going strong. 

I am greatful that each of us have moments like these to help us learn, it is with the trials and these lessons that sometimes hurt, that we grow and we strengthen ourselves. I am also thankful that we can repent and for our Savior Jesus Christ and that through the power of his Atonement we can become the people that we want to be and more importantly the people that God wants us to be. 

The other great news is that we were able to find a great new family of investigators. Michel and Celia both have baptismal dates for the 16 of May! We had a great lesson with them as we explained the Restoration of the Gospel and at the end we all kneeled down and Hermano Michel said his first vocal prayer. It was a sweet and sacred experience and we all felt the spirit as he prayed out loud for the very first time. All though they were the only investigators that we taught all week it made everything 100 percent better. I have so much hope that they are going to progress and I ask that you all would have them and the missionary work in general of Berisso in your prayers! 

Hope everyone has a great week! Love you all! 

Elder Hall 

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