Thursday, September 19, 2013

Week 3 MTC Pictures

 Elder Lewis from Hawaii, had a lady from his ward send us all Lava-lavas! I LOVE IT! So we have a district full of white boys, headed to Argentina, walking around in Lava-Lavas. Classic. 
 First package from home! I loved the MTC Survival Theme! :)

 Elder Durham and I! This is actually one of my favorite pictures we have taken, it shows both our personalities!
 Elder Topham and I, he just left for Idaho, but when his visa comes in will head to Mexico, an awesome example to me!

 Rockin the Lava-lava!

 Fall is starting here in Utah, it has been chilly! I am actually experiencing a real fall!
 We also had a new addition to our favorite outside study place, what we thought was a rain drain off is actually an entire pond/waterfall system that runs through the middle of the West Campus!

We were also bored enough we did a small photoshoot of me, sporting the sweater vest!


  1. This is just like Case's outfit!! I love it!

    1. I know, right!? I need to get him a few more of them, he looks great i think! Since he will be going in to summer I can wait until our winter stuff goes on clearance & send him some then & it should be perfect timing for their winter!