Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Letter from the MTC

As a mom to an Elder I was struggling by Tuesday not knowing how he was doing, if he was ok, if he was wanting to jump ship, or what! I kept expecting an email & Todd said have you checked the mail, I'm thinking no I haven't checked the mail, well sure enough should've checked the mail earlier, it would've relieved my nervousness 3 hours prior! They let him write home his first night at the MTC:

August 28, 2013

Dear Mom & Dad:

Unless something significant happens, this will be the only letter I am allowed to write not on P-day. Needless to say I survived my first day at the MTC. I have a great companion named Elder Durham. He is one of the nicest & politest guys I have ever met. He is 21 years old and from Pleasant Grove, UT. I was moved to the West Campus. We have a whole apartment to 4 missionaries. It is so nice, and I am glad I am not at the main campus. They threw us right into Spanish classes. It's crazy...I can almost already bare a tiny portion of my testimony in Spanish. I am so excited to learn!! Our days are jam packed and we are up about an hour past lights out already. Too much to do this first night! I miss you all already but I can already feel the Spirit of the mission filling that void. Know that I am safe and being taken care of.

With Love,

Elder Hall

P.S. My room is extremely organized, was feeling OCD :)
First morning here was great also (written in a pen, must've woke up & wrote that before putting in envelope!)

So much relief came to me after reading this letter. I was able to pull it together and be excited for his journey again! And patiently wait for an email or another letter!

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