Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lesson Learned - Teach by the Spirit

From a hand written letter wrote on 9/5/2013:

We taught our first "investigator" or MTC teacher acting as an investigator on Saturday En Espanol! The first lesson was pretty rough because we didn't know the spanish very well, and we were super nervous! Then we taught him on Monday and that lesson the Spirit was strong and we committed him to baptism (which rarely ever happens) we were the very first in our District! So we were feeling pretty good, as we were preparing for the 4th lesson we decided to read alot of stuff out
of the Preach My Gospel to make sure our Spanish was good and he would understand the doctorine! Well...we get in there and flopped on our faces. We were not teaching by the Spirit, our spanish was terrible, and it just was not a good lesson. So I was being hard on myself and just didn't take it well. Mi companero and I sat down and evaluated things and learned a pretty important lesson. It is better to bare testimony in the worst broken spanish and feel the Spirit than it is to read the most eloquent perfectly worded and pronounced spanish out of a book! It was a great lesson to learn and I can testify that when a messenger of the Lord bares his testimony, the Spirit will grant that person with the gift of tongues. My companion and I's testimonies were so strong and I know that where our spanish may have been lacking the Spirit made up for ten-fold.

He also mentions that Sister Brown who was our tour host at the Conference Center at Temple Square sent him a huge box with 2 1/2 dozen amazing cookies and a bunch of little candies! What a sweet lady she was and to think about him even though she was only with us for about 2 hours! He was nice & shared them with his district and they all wrote thank you notes to her!

He ends his letter with this:

I never realized how huge of a difference it makes to have every aspect of your life in line. The Spirit is a constant companion, I am pretty much to the point where it isn't that I am noticing when it is there, but when it is gone. Every single day I have some sweet experience that testifies to me the true reasons I am out here serving my mission. It is only by the prayers and letters from you guys at home, along with the companionship of the Holy Ghost that I am going to get thru this!

Yo se que Jesucristo es el Salvador. Yo se que las familias son eternas. Estoy agradecido pon el evangelio resaurado. Yo se que la Iglesia de Jesucristo de lost Santos de lost Ultimos DIas es verdadero. Estoy mucho agredecido por mi familia y el amor de mi Padre Celestial. En el nombre de Jesuscristo, Amen.

 Elder Hall

(we all got letters this week!)

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