Sunday, September 8, 2013

MTC Drop off on Wed. August 28th, 2013

What a bittersweet experience to drop our oldest son off at the MTC! We ate lunch with some cousins, then it was over to the MTC for a kick to the curb as we like to call it! We had said our family goodbyes for the most part at the hotel in Salt Lake before our drive to Provo, however on the drive from lunch to the MTC the kids hugged him in the car & told him goodbye. Touching moment as a mom to hear the small sobs coming from the backseat of the car, I couldn't even look back! 

We pull in to the MTC, were asked if we had an Elder or a Sister, they gave us a green sticky note on our windshield and we headed down the curbside looking for an empty spot to pull in to, meanwhile gasping at the site of all the young Elders everywhere you looked! Was like a sea of white everywhere! What an amazing thing to witness for our family!

We pull in to a vacant spot, were greeted by a few Elders, Dad grabbed his luggage out while I hugged him with all my might, trying to be strong & keep back the tears. Then Dad & Brennen hugged, I of course had to cry a bit, but then there was an awkward moment, the moment when a person (Dad) goes in for a kiss on the cheek and the other person (Bren) turns his head the wrong way not expecting the said kiss, and perfecto, the "awkward kiss" moment occurs on the lips of a son who is not affectionate (to much like his mama!) To which he quickly wipes his lips and was like what the heck was that, priceless! I felt it necessary to go in for 1 last hug to ease the awkward moment for us & the Elders...haha! He was very warm & shaking, it was like he was a little boy again going to Kindergarten & I want to tell him be brave, you can do it, you are amazing and everybody is going to love you & you will love them! And that was it, a great hug, another I love you so much, make us proud, and he walked away now a true Elder getting ready to start one of the greatest experiences of his life. This was definitely a very proud parent/family moment for us! Meanwhile we jump back in the car to the kids all hysterically laughing about the "kiss situation"! So we all got a great laugh while we pulled away, easing the pain of the separation as much as it could.

I was only able to capture 2 pictures of the kick to the curb. It went to fast that I didn't have time to really think or be the crazy picture taking mom (now I wish I would've). Here are the last photos of him that day:

Seconds before the awkward kiss, I wish I wouldve got the aftermath pic of Bren's face!

And that was our experience dropping this awesome guy off at the MTC! It was a long drive to Las Vegas that night, but we were all in good spirits.  I can honestly say we notice the void & the quiet in the house a lot more than I anticipated.  I know we have to share him & his talents with the people of Argentina and are so very proud of him and his decision to serve the Lord for the next 2 years and bring others in to the truthfulness of the gospel. Feeling very blessed for this experience for him & for our family!

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