Friday, September 13, 2013

Top 11 Most Asked Questions with Answers from Elder Hall

Everywhere I go I seem to be getting a lot of the same questions about Elder Hall, however most of them I wasn't even able to answer so I decided this week in email he was going to have to answer them for everyone! So here they are:

1. Are all the missionaries in your district spanish speaking?
      Yes, all of the missionaries in my district are headed to Argentina, 6 are headed to a different mission than me, and then my companion and I are headed to Buenos Aires South!

2. Are they all going to argentina? Do they keep you grouped together?
      Sorta grouped together, our entire Zone of 30 or so elders is spanish speaking but different places!
3. Do you get new elders each week in your district or did u all start at the same time?
     Districts start all at the same time, but we get new Elders to our zone. Not every week, but whenever they feel like they can fit more, and after a district leaves.
4. Is the food good?
     The food is pretty good here, it is just cafeteria food though!
5. Whats the sister/elder ratio?
     I don't know the exact ratio but there is a lot of sisters here. More then I expected! Most of them just turned 19 as well! Still more elders! And there are no sisters in my district or zone. But they are intermixed during class time!
6. Do u go to the main campus or stay on the west campus?
     Everything is contained here to the West Campus unless you need to see a doctor or on PDay go up there. We can go eat lunch or go to the main book store if we want!
7. What time do u get your mail?
     I check the mail everyday before and after lunch, and then again before dinner. The MTC has two mail runs a day one that arrives either just before lunch, or during my lunch, and then in between lunch and dinner!
8. Do u have the same daily schedule each day?
     Yes from here until my last week will be the same weekly schedule, but it differs from day to day. Everyday is mandatory 16 hours long and if you stay up past lights out then even longer!
9. Are you surviving without coke?
     Yes, but barely. No headaches, just an emotional detachment! :) On Pday, though at the West Campus you are allowed to go to this shopping center and there is a restaurant that has real Coke, not that nasty Decaf stuff they gives us in the cafeteria! :)
10. Will you have the same companion til u leave?
     Yes I will be with Elder Durham tell we land in Buenos Aires! 
11. Have u heard anything about your visa?
     No word on my Visa yet, but I am almost positive I will get the travel one, and get to head straight to Argentina, and live off that until my real visa comes in!

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