Monday, August 4, 2014

Voy a ser un Papá!, 11 Months, & an Amazing Miracle!

Buenas Tardes Amigos y Familia,

Well today is a pretty crazy day, and really this week in general has been crazy, but really great. Like the email says today is my 11 month mark, and for those of you who aren´t quite sure what, ´´voy a ser un papá´ means, it means that I am going to be a dad (in missionary terms) This next transfer I am going to have the opportunity to train a new missionary. As of right now I still don´t know who he is, or where he is from, but tomorrow at 2 in the afternoon I have to go to the mission home to pick up my hijo! :) 

We found out wednesday night. So wednesday we are finishing with the day at it is about 8:50, (We are supposed to be in the apartment at 9, unless we are in a lesson then it is 9:30) and we went to the carnicería (butcher shop) to buy something to make for dinner. Well we know the guy pretty well, so he asks us to help him with his computer. So we went and were helping him, and inside there was music playing and it wasn´t super loud, but it was noticeable. And then the phone rings and it is president... So I answer and president asks me in kinda of a funny voice, ¨Umm Elder Hall have you guys finished for the day yet?¨ So I explained, and he just laughed but I am not gonna lie it kinda scares ya when President calls and you aren´t where you are supposed to be! :) 

So we get back to the pension, and I called President back, and he told me that we were going to be having some changes in my companionship, even though Elder Torres and I had both asked to stay together for two transfers. He told me that the Lord had called me to be a trainer, and that it was very likely I would be receiving a new American! (YIKES, talk about scared...) He asked me what I thought and I told him, ¨Well if that´s what the Lord wants you know I will do it.¨ And his response was, ¨Oh Elder Hall the Lord wants it!¨ So I had to laugh and accept my new assignment. Elder Torres headed off to Avellaneda as a Zone Leader. It was hard to say good bye to such a good friend, especially because we were only companions for a short time, but it was a transfer that was a lot of fun, and that we worked hard, and learned alot. We both ended our companionship on a great note, both excited for this new step in the mission! 

We ended up not having our baptisms this weekend, it was a mutual decision between us, and our investigators that they should wait just a little bit longer to be able to learn more, and go to church a few more times before they make such a big commitment. We had an AMAZING experience though with them sunday morning. Tatiana (19), and her dad Daniel came to church together. Daniel is a member, but Tatiana is investigating. Daniel has 2 herniated disks in his back, and there are lots of times that the pain is so bad he can´t even walk. Well friday night was a horrible night, and saturday he couldn´t even get out of bed. Then sunday he felt a little better, and at least could barely walk, so they came to church. Well in the middle of sacrament meeting (which is the last hour here.) the pain just hit him, and they had to leave. Well it was all he could do to not cry out in pain, and he could BARELY move his feet enough to walk. Luckily a guy in the ward took them to their house in his car, and we went with them to help. Well we get to the house, and he sits down, and we offered to give him a Priesthood Blessing of Health, he told us of course. 

So we gave him the blessing, and then left. Well when we went back later that day, he was sitting in his chair, and when we walked in he smiled, and I asked how he was feeling. I am not even going to lie, this guy jumped up out of his chair and said, ¨Look at me! I am better then ever!¨and he shook his hips, and danced around! He then began to tell us, that he went and layed down after we gave him the blessing, and after about an hour and a half, he said he heard a little voice that said, ¨Levántate. levántate!(Which is get up, get up!)¨ He said he didn´t believe at first but he sat up very slow and the got out of bed, and about 15 minutes later he went out to the plaza, running, and doing exercises because he felt so good. My companion and I just sat there with our mouths hanging wide open... 

It is a perfect example of the miracles that God truly can do, when we excersise our faith in Him, and obey His commandments. I know that if this brother had not gone to church that day, and excersiced his faith, he would still be in pain. I am so grateful for the Priesthood, and the ability that God gives us to bless people through this Holy Power. It truly was a miracle, and even now I am awestruck. I don´t know what will happen with this hermano, if he was healed for good, or just the pain for a little while until he can have an operation, but I do know that on Sunday I saw the power of God work through the hands of two of His Priesthood holders, to bless and take the pain away from this brother who is trying to do all he can to help his family. 
Last night was the first time that we were able to have a discussion with all of the family, and even Tatiana´s boyfriend. I know that the Lord used this blessing to help soften the hearts of this family, and I only hope that we will be able to teach them all. 

How amazing it truly is to be able to use my priesthood in a way that helps other people. Now please don´t get me wrong, I am not trying to be prideful in any way, more then anything I am just so humbled at the many experiences that I have had, and the opportunities the Lord has given me to honor and use His Holy Priesthood. I know that is something that is real and exists, I know that at one point the rightful Priesthood Keys, or the authority to use the Priesthood was lost after the death of the Apostles of Christ, but I am so thankful that those Keys, and the rightful Authority of God was restored once again to this earth. That there has been an uninterrupted chain of Priesthood Leadership in the Church since it was restored in the times of Joseph Smith. For anyone who would like to learn more about this I encourage you to go to:

I know that these things are true, I have seen them before my eyes, and I have felt the spirit touch my heart. I am so thankful to be in the mission, and for this new chapter! It is pretty crazy to think that tomorrow I will be in charge of helping a new missionary, and giving him the best experience, and just helping him to adjust to missionary life! But I am excited! :) Hope everyone has a great week! :) 

Elder Hall 

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