Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Buenos Dias! :)

Well as you all can see today is a little different because it is Tuesday not Monday when we are emailing! We had some crazy happenings yesterday that kept us from writing.

(And now I turn into Brother Wilson  story mode (and all of you who know him will understand what I am talking about!)) So there we were....playing soccer with some of the other elders! I had just gotten done taking one for the team playing goalie, and so I stepped out for just a sec, and I checked the phone and I saw a bunch of missed calls from our neighbor. So I called her back and she asked if we had left our door wide open. Obviously I said no we locked everything and were in Ezeiza. So she told us that it looked like some one had broke in...

So we imediately left Ezeiza, and when we got back sure enough some one had jumped the outer fence, and kicked our door in (or used something to open it!) they stole 200 us dollars that I had just gotten for my birthday, and about 900 argentine pesos (about $90), and then my camera that had all of the pictures from my mission on it. They went into our bedroom, and stole 1,100 pesos from my companion, and about 70 US Dollars. So ya we kinda lost a  lot of money! The good thing is that they didnt take our debit cards, and steal anything else. Our neighbor is police, and he had investigators there who were able to find two finger prints so we will see what all happens! The owners is going to put an outer door, that is just like a protected screen door so they can´t break in again, and so that is good! I am pretty relaxed, it happens from time to time! And I know the Lord is watching out for us and protecting us! 

We have had a super busy week, and we have been working hard! The great thing is my companion is a good teacher, and can speak pretty well so he is a big help, and we are seeing progress in our investigators, and  we have been finding quite a few new families to teach! So it is awesome to see progress here in Spegazzini. 

I want to thank everyone for their prayers for our investigators, and for the families we visit. Everything is going well and I just love the people here. Ya sure there the punks who will come in and rob you blind, but there are some amazing people in this country that I just love being with. I have never had the experience of knowing people for such a short time, and just being so comfortable to say that I love them as if they were part of my family. Its a wonderful blessing to be a missionary, and as each week passes and I get closer and closer the ¨one year mark¨and I don´t know what to think! I just know I still have alot to do! 

Les amo muchísimo! :) 

Elder Hall 

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