Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Buenas Tardes!

Buenas Tardes Queridos, 

Well we have had a good week this week! Thankfully without robberies, or any other crazy event! Honestly this week went by super fast, faster then normal, and I find that I enjoy every day just a  little bit more with Elder Mortensen. He is finally starting to come out of his shell, and we are getting along good.

This weekend we have been super busy, on saturday we helped build a house all day, which consisted of digging 15  post holes that were each at least three feet deep. Well lets just say this is just one of the many times I have heard my dad´s voice pass through my head saying, ¨One day you will thank me for this¨ (as he hands me a shovel...) Well I gotta say this was one of those days, I was glad I knew how to work a shovel. I was working with three other missionaries, and well they were trying, but it isn´t the same as someone who actually knows how to shovel! hahaha I guess thats what happens when your inheritance is just a pile of rocks, its just kinda there in my blood!  And then this morning we went back to help, put the roof on! It was a pretty neat experiences, and I learned some interesting ways to build things argentine style, that we will see how they work when I get back to the states!

I think this week was a big week of learning for me. Finally after almost a year of being in the mission I understand a whole lot better my purpose as a missionary. Since we started the new pilot program we have been working with the inactive members a lot more, and because of this we have had to listen to alot more problems, and just lots of not very uplifting things. I will be honest there have been lots of times where I have felt drowned by the problems of others, and something that Elder Torres was always trying to tell me is that we are here to help people come unto Christ through Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. He told me that there was lots of times, because of the love, and the desire I had to help the people out that I lost sight of that and some times would give to much counsel on what the people should do. (Obviously not bad counsel, but it is just something that I guess I was used to doing with friends that I did it hear.) Well now I have realized that I shouldn´t be getting so bogged down by other peoples problems, that there is alot of things that I can´t control, and I just need to focus in on my purpose as a missionary, and for any other problem they need to talk with the bishop, or seek other means of help. 

Since I realized this I have felt a great relief in my life, and I know that it is a lesson that the Lord has wanted me to learn for a while. I also know that that is part of the reason why I was put with Elder Torres the last transfer, and I am thankful to be able to relax, and just know that as a missionary, and as a human being I can only invite people to come unto Christ, and if they are not willing to put in their part, it is their loss. (Kinda sounds cold, but it is the truth!) 

Bruno and Tatiana Morales are progressing very well, and if all goes right they will have their baptismal interviews this next friday, and the following saturday should be baptized. Such an amazing family, that I grow to love more and more each time we teach them! Overall things are great here in the mission, just trying to use each day to its fullest! Hope all is well at home, love you all! :) 

Elder Hall 

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