Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Buenos Dias! :)

(email from 5/19/14)

Hola Queridos! 

Another week has come and gone in the mission! It is amazing to me,  how fast time is flying buy! And it just doesn´t stop! This week we had a good week, and got a lot accomplished! We spent almost all day, Friday going through lists of members, organizing addresses, and placing names on our big map of the area in our apartment, and we were both pretty dang excited for our afternoon appointments to finally get outside for a little bit! 

We finally have the new program completely implemented,and all of our focus is on finding those inactive members, who would like to return, and helping them and their families. I really feel like we have seen ¨mini-miracles¨ this week! We contacted a lot of families, and the people are starting to open up their hearts, and their homes to us! I have realized that although these people, may not have walked into the church for 15 years, they have never forgotten the spirit that they felt, and they can not deny that it truly is the House of God! 

Overall everything is going great! And we are looking forward to the zone conference this week! Hope all is well at home!

Con Amor,

Elder Hall 

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