Monday, June 30, 2014

19 years old, and 10 months in the Mission! SEMANA GRANDE!

Buenas Tardes mi querido familia, y amigos! 

Well this week was a good week, and a big week here in the mission! On friday I turned 19 years old, and on saturday I hit 10 months in the mission! I think it gets faster, and faster every month! And well its pretty obvious that this has been the fastest year of my life! It is crazy to think that if they hadn´t changed the age for missionaries to serve, I would just be getting ready to leave! And here I am almost a year into things! 

Thursday was an interesting day as well, we were going to leave early to go to take out money that my companions family had sent him from western union and after we prayed and were getting ready to head out the door, I tried to turn the key to open the door, and it didn´t budge. SO I sat there playing with it until I realized the door wasn´t going to open! I told my companion, and he started trying to open it. So I go to the window, and it was in this moment I realize all of the windows in argentina have big thick metal bars on them, and that the only way out was through the door. So as I am trying this, my companion breaks out the hammer and starts banging on the lock. We called the neighbor, and she didn´t answer so we had to bang on the walls, to wake her up, to try and open it from the outside! Well that didn´t work either. So after about 45 minutes of trying this, our new neighbor (who just happens to be a police officer) walks by to leave for work, Elizabeth explained the situation, and before we know it he is kicking the door in! hahaha so after like 6 super kicks, he snaps the outer metal part of the door, and we were free! Definetly not what we were expecting when we woke up in the morning! (The only downside is we lost an entires day work, because we had to wait on the owner to come, and he showed up at 6 in the evening, when he told us 12, and then 4!) 

My birthday was good, and it was just nice, to feel that really there are people here who care about me! :) But the best part of the week, was that on sunday, we had three less-active members who came, and this past week, we have had alot of success finding people to teach, and contacting in-active members. We are starting to see growth here in Spegazzini, and I am so thankful. The Lord is opening the hearts of these people, and it is such an amazing experience to be able to be an instruement in his hands, and help these people return to Him. I truly have one of the best jobs in the world, and the thought that every month that passes by, I have less and less time to commit to the Savior makes me a little sad. I honestly didn´t think I would hit the point where I would be sad, that time is passing by so quickly, but I have realized, and every day realize just a little bit more how short two years really is! 

I hope you all have a great week! Know that I love you all, and as always you are in my prayers! 

Elder Hall 

 I realized I hadn´t sent a picture of my new companion! Meet Elder Torres! 

 here is the door afterwards! 

 It was quite the adventure!

 My birthday breakfast! (Thanks to the sister next door, and the fact that her daughter´s birthday was the night before!), and the breakfast of my poor companion who was sick all day! 

 !st birthday party with the Diaz Family! They are in-actives that invited us to eat dinner with them Friday, and in a small ward gossip gets around, so they found it was my birthday, and surprised me with a cake! :) 

 Second Birthday Party! 

 It was a fun night :)

 I LOVE this family! La Familia Sosa, La Hermana Elizabeth, Rodrigo (14), Victoria (9), and Carlitos (5)! They are so great, and are our neighbors! They threw my birthday party, and are like another part of my family here in Spegazzini!

 On Saturday night I received an email from La Hermana Elizabeth pictured about with these 2 pictures attached of Elder Hall!  She also sent a nice little note to me after I replied with a thank you for taking care of him and it said: Thank you very much, I look after your child as if he were part of our family he brought a great blessing to my home that we love. So blessed to have others who love him and take care of him when I can't! 

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