Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekly Update :)

Buenas Tardes! :) 

Well this week has been a good week, and a fast week, and a really cold week! It has been raining the last three days, and there has been lots of wind, and cold temperatures! So I have been a missionary popsicle these last few days! haha Today we are in San Miguel del Monte, as a zone. We were out by the lake, and we grilled hamburgers, and played soccer, and volleyball. We lucked out, and had a day of sunshine so we are all enjoying it! 

 This week has been a good week as far as missionary work goes. We are teaching a family that the parents are less-active members and none of their kids are members, and this week we had some really great spiritual lessons, and the best part is that part of the family attended church this sunday. We also had some other less-active families that we have been working with that showed up on sunday, and it is so rewarding to be able to see these families remember what it is like to have God in their lives, and just to help them get back on track. We had the opportunity to fast yesterday, and one of the sisters that honestly her, and her family, are like my family here in this area, fasted for the first time, and she got up and bore her testimony at church, and WOW it was one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard. I will be honest I very rarely cry anymore, and yesterday I was crying as she told her story. I was very humbled to be able to have played a tiny role in helping this sister. 

One of the things that I am starting to notice is my ability to teach is really starting to improve. It is amazing how much more you can help people when you understand what the heck they are saying! I gotta say my spanish has improved a lot and I am getting pretty fluent, and suave (smooth) now don´t get me wrong I dont sound latin by any means but I can communicate what I want to say, and almost always can understand what the people want to say. I mean I guess I should after over ten months of eating, living, and breathing in spanish. (Funny side note, last night I woke my companion up because I was talking in my sleep about ideas to teach a family (all while dreaming) and I was talking in spanish. So it is getting pretty natural!) haha 

Overall things are going great, my companion is amazing, we have lots of work, and I am enjoying every moment of the mission. I just can´t believe that next month I will hit my year mark! Time sure does fly when you are having fun! :) Have a great week everyone! 

Elder Hall 

 And this is what happens when you take a bus while Argentina is playing in the world cup! NO ONE IS OUT! hahaha 

 Only my companion shaves the fuzz balls off of his sweater! hahahaha I love Elder Torres, I am always laughing with this guy! 

Hermana Mills and I, grilling up some burgers for the zone! Only they forgot a spatula so we used a throwing knife, and well we had to use rubbing alcohol to start the coals! #estilomisional #missionarystyle

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