Tuesday, June 3, 2014

9 Months in the Mission!

Buen Día :) 

I`m back! Another week flew by! And with every week, my grammar gets worse, and worse, and I forget more and more english! Especially because my companion doesn`t know english, and really has no desire to learn it! I am hoping my next companion wants to learn english, because it really is fun to teach it, when it is your companion, informally!

This week we had a good week of visiting, contacting, and helping out less active, and inactive members. We have quite a few families that we are visiting, and are  truly seeing progress in. We had a lesson the other day with a family, who the dad, passed away two years ago. He was a very strong member of the church, and it was a loss for many people, especially for the family. They have been off and on with the church for a while, and we have had some great lessons, and spiritual experiences with them already. As we were sitting there talking with them about their dad, and husband, and that although he wasn`t here on the earth with us, he was on the other side preaching the gospel, and helping others. As those words left my mouth I felt the spirit very strongly. Some of you might know, but about two weeks ago, I lost my great grandpa who was not a member, and the last week one of my Uncles, who was not a member as well. I can`t explain it in words, but I know that while I am here helping this family out, he (their dad, and husband) is on the other side, teaching my family, helping them to learn, and accept those doctrines and principals that are so important, and so close to my heart. I know that when we lose a loved one here on this earth it is not the end. 

I know with all my heart, that those who didn`t have the chance to accept or understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this life, will have the opportunity to be taught, and accept it in the life to come. I am so thankful for this knowledge, that we have a merciful God, who will give all the opportunity to listen, and accept his gospel, if they are will to repent, and humble themselves. I am so blessed to have this Gospel in my life, and I am even more blessed to have the opportunity to share it with the people of Argentina. 

I hope everyone has a great week, and is enjoying the warm weather of summer, because here it is starting to get cold! Love ya all! 

Elder Hall 

 Alright so I have never really liked hot dogs, but these are Super Panchos, (Panchos are hot dogs here!) and we eat them three times a week, 3 for my companion, and 2 for me, with Manase (I forgot how to spell that haha), and these little Potato Chip things! 

 Alright I don`t know what Argentina is doing to me, Hot Dogs, Manase (Again with this word haha), and now tomatoes, I can just eat slices of tomatoes now, or make a little salad like this! 

 Saturday was an Argentine Independence Day, and so we and the other Elders from the ward made Empanadas for a church activity! They were really good! 

 40 Empanadas! 

Elder Holmes, Elder Tribe, and Elder Chuliver!

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