Monday, June 23, 2014

Buenas Tardes Queridos :)

(email from June 9th)

Happy Monday again! Well it is finally starting to get cold here. It has been cool, for a quite a while but we have had a few days in the last couple weeks that it was flat cold! I have started using thermals off, and on, and yesterday my companion and I had to travel to the Sister´s area, that is about 3 hours away by bus and train, and I was glad I was bundled up because we got off the bus at 8 o clock last night went running to the train station, and we got to the station just as it was taking off. So we sat and waited in the cold for an hour until the next train! It also has been raining quite a bit, and there are lots of dirt roads in my area, which means lots of mud! (Let me tell you, mud, and the missionary wardrobe don´t mix to well!) 

We have been working alot with a family, the two parents and members, and their oldest daughter. But they have two kids who aren´t members, Bruno (9 years old) and Karen (16 years old). Bruno is an awesome kid! It amazes me how smart he is, and the questions he asks! We were sitting in the lessons and we taught him about how to pray, and at the end we asked if he had questions and he asked why the good and the bad exist, why it wasn´t just good. It totally caught me off guard! He accepted a baptismal date for the 28th of June, and his older sister said that if she felt this was the decision for her, that she too would be baptized! So it has been great to get to know them all, and to help the whole family go to church and get reactivated in the Gospel. 

I can´t believe that this is also the last week of this transfers! Another 6 weeks have gone out the window, before I even knew what happened. My companion has been in this area for more then 6 months, so it is most likely that he will leave this transfer, and I will get a new companion! It will be interesting to see what changes this new transfer could bring! After 9 months of being here in the mission, I am pretty well adjusted to everything, and I am finally getting the hang of my new area and the new ward. I still am loving it all. Ya there are hard days, but the good days, easily out weigh the hard ones! 

I have been thinking and for anyone that is in what seems to be a stand still in their lives, I encourage you to take the time, and look back on your life, or on the reason that you are doing something. Many times we start out doing something, and we have a strong passion for it, and then after time we become a bit complacent, and that passion sometimes can get lost, in the tasks, and day to day things of life that drag us down. If you find yourself if this situtation sit yourself and do a little evaluation. I know that as we go back to our roots, to the reasons why we started something, we will find strength, and we will be lifted up, and become the kind of people we want to be. 

I love you all, and truly hope and pray for the best for each and every one of you! Have a great week! 

Elder Hall 

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