Monday, June 23, 2014

Hola Amigos :)

Hey Everybody! 

I hope everything is going good at home! :) I had an amazing week! My new companion Elder Torres is awesome! We have had so much fun together, and have worked super hard! It has been one of the best weeks I have had, in a long time! I just hope this next week is as good! On Friday I turn 19, and then on Saturday I complete 10 months here in the mission! This year definitely has been the fastest of my life! And I seriously can´t believe that we are already at the end of June! I don´t know where time goes! 

This week though was a great week here in Spegazzini. I am pretty sure Elder Torres was just what Spegazzini, and I needed to help get things moving around here. It was a week full of mini-miracles, that added up to one amazing week. We have about ten families assigned to us from the leaders here, and Elder Chuliver, and I only were able to get in touch with a few of them, well this week we were able to get in touch with almost all of them, and had some really great lessons! 

The other thing that was pretty crazy was, Elder Torres told me that he wanted to knock on the door of this random house, so we knocked on the door, and a lady answered, and asked us if we were the missionaries from Mar del Plata, (a town really far from here!), we said know and asked her what she was talking about. Well she told us that her daughter, and son in law are members, and that in few weeks, they are coming to the temple to get sealed, (married for eternity) and that they were going to send the missionaries to visit her. Now here is the crazy part... this was the day before. Then later that night we received a message from the offices with her name, and address to go and visit her! It was just a testimony to me, that God works faster then men! And that when we are willing to work, he will use us, to find the people that are looking for the gospel!  

Overall things are going really good here in good ole Argentina, and I am so happy to be in the mission. I know that is has been, and will be one of the most important, and best decisions of my life. Thanks for all of the prayers, letters, emails, and everything. It really means the world to me! Have a great week! 

Elder Hall

 We had a good lunch that my companion and I made the other day! Rice, Fried Eggs, and a hamburger patty! haha :) 

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