Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Elder Hall's 19th birthday is on June 27. He hardly ever receives mail of any kind and said that he would love to start getting mail so when he needs a pick me up he can turn to his letters. Email is amazing and he gets so many emails each week but he can't print them so he isn't able to turn back to those that inspired him or gave him great advice, or just made him laugh!  I am hoping that everyone who reads his blog or has been inspired by Brennen in one way or another can take a few minutes and either send him a birthday card or write him a letter to let him know what he means to you, even if you might not know him that well but have been inspired by his obedience in serving the Lord.  It typically takes 3 weeks for regular envelope mail to reach him so the sooner the better so he gets it around his birthday. Remember no packages can be sent, but regular mail can reach him & it does cost around 1.50 or so to send a card.  I know that it will mean a lot to him to receive letters and cards for his birthday!  Thanks so much for all the love and support of this awesome missionary son of mine!

Elder Brennen Hall
Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission
Quintana 447
1846 Adrogue
Buenos Aires

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