Friday, July 31, 2015

Almost there! :)

Hey Everybody! 

I want you all to forget about what I have said for the last 94 weeks about how fast time could pass by because I didn´t know anything until this last week. I still can´t believe it is Monday already this week and everything in general is just in hyper light speed so it is pretty unbelievable. I am pretty sure that this week passed by super fast because we traveled 3 hours to a town called Dolores to do exchanges with the two missionaries down there. It was alot of fun and it is always great to work with other missionaries and learn from them. After we got back from Dolores our Bishop asked us to help him with a new project something that I haven´t had the opportunity to do in my mission! A giant play house that sits about a meter and a half up in the air! (I am not sure how many feet that would be it would be about 150 centimeters! I am pretty well converted to the metric system I like it a lot better! haha) Needless to say the thing is big, and our Bishop isn´t exactly a construction kinda guy so basically the future fun of his children are laying on the hands of my companero adn mine´s redneck ingenuity which I gotta say worked very well for us! So this next week we have to finish it! I will send pictures! Lets just say it is going to be awesome!

Then today we have had a lot of fun eating 15 pizzas and almost 20 pounds of ice cream (did I mention how much I am going to miss cheap Argentine ice cream deals! haha) with our district. Sometimes it is just so much  fun to be a missionary we work hard but we also play hard so it all evens out! Some of the things that are happening in our area is that we started teaching a little old man named Juan this last week who is the neighbor of a member and he is doing really great! He is learning things little by little and accepted a baptismal date for the 22 of August and attended church yesterday. Then we have Facudo who says that he is finally going to get baptized on the 7th, the only problem is he broke his leg so we aren´t exactly sure how we are going to work that one out, but the Lord will provide. 

Last night as we were in the house of Maria Romero (who I know you guys haven´t heard a lot about her but she was the one who got baptized a few weeks after I got here)  and she is just so awesome. I just love her so much! It is so amazing to see the changes that the gospel can really make in someone. I have watched people change for the last two years and it never gets old, it seems like every time it is a new experience and it just fills me with so much happiness because I feel like I am truly complying with my missionary purpose and doing what the Lord wants me to do. It was actually a very sad moment thinking about how much I don´t want to stop having experiences like that, but the closer I get the more I am starting to feel that my time is ending and that it is what the Lord wants so it is honestly just a matter of continuing to work as hard as I can these last two weeks and coming home the missionary and priesthood man that the Lord wants me to be. 

I hope everyone is doing great and that each one of you can take the time to realize the many blessings that we receive each day. Some times life is hard, especially when we know we are preparing for a big change but I have a strong testimony that change is good and that it always leads us to where our Heavenly Father wants us to be! We just have to pray and trust in our Heavenly Father! I am pretty sure after writing it every week you all know how much I love you, as I always ask keep me in your prayers and you´ll be in mine! Have a great week! 

Elder Hall 

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