Monday, September 29, 2014

Saludos a todos! :)

(email from Sept 22, 2014)

Como andan amigos? :) 

I was thinking about it, I don´t know how after so many weeks, there is still things I can write about. I mean seriously if some one were to think about missionaries and what we would do, they would never think that we have as much happen to us as we actually do! 

So I am loving having bikes! I imagine though if you were able to get ahold of my companions weekly update he would be saying the opposite! Poor guy, he is like a giant and well these aren´t the highest quality bikes so he has had some seat problems, and then the chain keeps falling off. Despite all of that going on with his bike it is so much faster! We can cruise around from appointment to appoinment and we have so much more time to visit people because we don´t have to walk!! 

Some not so bright news, we didn´t get to move. I was mad... We packed up the whole flipping pensión, had everything ready to go, and then there were some problems with the contract so they told us we were going to move the next day, it was an easy fix. So wednesday morning we get a call saying that it was all ready to go they fixed it and were getting ready to sign everything. Well then a little while later, I get another call saying that the lady had some kind of family problems and wasn´t going to be able to rent the apartment out! So we had to unpack everything again, and we are back to square one looking again! Thank goodness we have a nice owner who didn´t kick us out, because the offices had told them we were going to be moving! haha 

This week we also had a very powerful, spiritual lesson with an investigator. Two weeks ago we were walking down the road, and I felt very strongly that we needed to knock on a certain door! So we knocked a a lady of about 25 years old answered named Melisa. She was super nice, and as we got to talking she said that about six months ago she lost her mom, and it was still super hard for her. So we shared a part of the Plan of Salvation with her, and scheduled an appointment with her for the next tuesday! Well on tuesday we brought Evelyn, the girl who two months ago lost her mom, and Melisa wasn´t there... Well then on thursday we stopped back by her house and she was there, and had time to talk! So luckily Evelyn lived close by, we called her up and she came over, and we had an AMAZING lesson. Evelyn shared such a strong testimony, and she was crying, Melisa was crying, and my companion and I were both pretty touched! I didn´t cry until....Melisa agreed to say the closing prayer (after saying that she wanted to be baptized (ya first lesson.)) And as she was praying she got super chocked up, and said, ¨God, I thank you for sending me these people, I have been waiting for this, and you sent me the sign that I needed to continue on in your path-¨ WHAM! You wanna talk about a missionaries favorite words, and truley the spirit that was there. We have an appointment with her tomorrow, and I hope and pray that she will have the desires to continue on in this path! It was definetly an amazing experience! 

Then on sunday we had our ward conference, the bishop has been telling us for like a month that he wanted a 150 people at ward conference, and our attendance has been between 85 to 104 people every week, and so we weren´t sure if it was really going to happen. Well we invited a ton of people, and when we walked into sacrament meeting it was so great. The church was FULL. They had to go pull more chairs out of the class rooms so people could sit in the chapel. It was an awesome as well, when I looked over and saw a ton of investigators and their families sitting in one section as we walked in! I have to say after almost six months here in spegazzini I have seen a ton of progress. When I got here we had like 65-70 people coming, and now we have been averaging for the last month about 100 people. The other elders from our ward, and my companions and I have been working a ton and really it is starting to pay off! I am just trying to get as many investigators as I can, so when I leave Elder Mortensen, and his new companion have lots of work! 

That´s all for this week! Love ya all! :) 

Elder Hall 

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