Monday, September 29, 2014

Buenas Tardes! It´s starting to get warm again!

Hola Amigos! 

Am I the only one that these letters, and the weeks just start to blend together? I feel like I just wrote you all... :) This week we had a good week!On tuesday we had the opportunity to attend an Evangelical church! (Ya it was alot of fun!) We have also found quite a few new people to teach, and our list of investigators is growing more and more each week! Now if we could just get them to start progressing a little faster!  

So we are teaching a guy who named Agustín who is evangelical, and he is a super nice guy. I will be honest, (not trying to discriminate) but the evangelicals are usually big fighters, and ¨try¨ to kill us with the bible, usually they just talk for hours, and you can´t even get a word in, so I wasn´t sure how it was going to be with Agustín. Well we went to his house, and him and his girlfriend were super nice! We taught the restoration, and they agreed to read the Book of Mormon. As we were leaving he invited us to his Men´s Meeting at church the next tuesday so we said alright! Well the church is in the other Elder´s area so we decided to do the intercambio that night, and they came with us. I gotta say it was pretty interesting, and I did like it alot! Evangelicals talk with lots of passion, and it was cool to see just ordinary people who took times out of their lives for God. Sometimes down here it feels like we are the only ones, but it was a comforting eye opener seeing that there truly is other good christians out there. 

At the end of the meeting we had the chance to share our testimonies, and it was a lindo (A word that means like nice, beautiful, and pretty (depending on the context)) momento when were all able to agree that although we are from different religions we are all still Hermanos en Cristo (brothers in Christ), I have always been one to like to unite groups, (look at my friend circles I was the kid who was friends with the crazy StuCo kids, Business, Agg, Culinary Arts a big mix of it all!) and so it was really cool to help start a relationship with another church! Plus it is going to help us in the long run when it comes to teaching Agustín! So it is a double win! 

I seriously just love the people that we teach! On saturday  night we had a great noche de hogar (jeez, my brain isn´t working in english today...that one came out with out thinking.) Family Home Evening with The Morales Family and it was so much fun, then on sunday one of the sisters and her family had a birthday party for my companion, and we were able to visit a few inactive families that have returned to church recently. I just love them all, it makes me so happy to see these families that I have grown to love so much in the church sunday mornings, and when we go to their houses, to see that they truly are happier. It is a great feeling, and I just thank my Heavenly Father for the time that I have to be with them. 

I guess that´s all for this week! Hope everyone is doing good, and that you all know your in my thoughts and prayers! Have a great week! :)

Elder Hall 

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