Monday, September 8, 2014

Another Transfer Down!

Queridos Amigos y Familia! 

Otra vez estamos aquí con uno mas, hermoso lunes. Que rápido que pasa el tiempo. Ha sido mucho tiempo desde que yo escribí algo en castellano para ustedes, o un vídeo! Quizás cuando compro mi nueva camera puedo hacer uno para mandarles! :) 

I am not translating that one! You all can look it up! This week we had another great week here in Spegazzini! Today is transfers, but Elder Mortensen and I will be together until next transfer! I am excited that I will be able to finish out his training and get to work with him for at least another transfer! I can´t believe we are already here again. My time with Elder Mortensen has flown by which is great, because it means we are staying busy and working hard! I was talking with Presidente the other day about how we have been having quite a bit of success here in Spegazzini teaching alot, but I haven´t been the happiest with everything. Just kinda hard on myself, and I decided it is because there is still alot of potential that this area has to grow. And so I although we are doing good, I am always looking to the next bigger and better thing to do here in Spegazzini, and trying to do what I can to improve it. So it is trying to find a balance of the two, being happy and appreciative of the blessing that the Lord gives us, and keep the image of what this ward really could be, and doing what I can to improve. I guess all my life I have had this struggle inside of me, there have been times where I have gotten a little lost from looking to far ahead into the future, times where I have been pretty down because I felt like I haven´t done good enough, and times where I got left behind because I with content with the minimum! Who would have thought that even here in the mission I would continue with this! 

On Saturday we had a Capilla Abierta, so like an open house in our Church Building, and it was a lot of fun. We had quite a few investigators, and inactive members between the four elders here in our ward. We also had quite a bit of support from the members. So overall it was a really good activity. As we continue to try and motivate the members to work en the obra misional, and work with the less active members I learn more and more about helping people through the gospel and not through my personal advice. 

Everyday is a learning experience and this past week I have really tried to work on talking with more people in the streets, and doing more contacting like that. I have felt for the last few weeks, that is one thing that I have been lacking on, and this week I did a lot better, and am going to improve even more this next week! 

Some other news is that we should be changing apartments here in the next week or two! We found a little two bedroom house, that has a patio, and a garden (type) front yard! So the district is already planning the asado (Argentine BBQ) that we are going to do when we get moved in! And it will be better, it is in a nicer part of Spegazzini, closer to the church, and the neighbors are a little bit better! So we are excited! 

Basically the mission is just cruising! It makes me kind of sad, but happy at the same time! I hope everyone is doing good at home! Love ya and miss you all! Until next week! 

Elder Hall 

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