Monday, March 31, 2014

Buenos Tardes :) - 7 Months in the Mission!

Hey Everybody! (Sorry not quite feeling the spanish today..haha) 

I had a great first week here in Villa Progreso, in La Plata! Like I said last week it is crazy small, so I am getting to know the area pretty fast! I love it here, I was so so so happy because there is a part of our tiny area that is all campo (country)!! And I was suffocating in Villa España too much city for my liking. So when we got to lunch on tuesday and the backyard was a big open field where I could actually see for a good distance, and some cows and horses it was great! (I know I have never been a hillbilly kid, but after 6 years in Buckeye I really did grow to love open spaces!) So it has a good mixture for me! 

Unfortunately my companion was sick for about 3 days this week, (I am starting to feel like a curse my companions are always getting sick!) but we were able to teach a little and we have a few really great investigators who are progressing towards baptism! The members here are super nice, and they welcomed me right into the ward! We have a big youth program here (28 youth) and the primary has about 20 or so kids so it is great to be around kids! I am so thankful the Lord always puts me in an area with kids. I think everyone knows that is one of the hardest things is not getting to be close and see my little siblings, so at least I have some kids to be around here to make up for it a little! 

One of the great things about being here in Villa Progreso is we are out of the big city of La Plata but we are only 15 minutes away in bus! We went this morning to take out money, and it was so cool. It is an actual big city with kinda skyscrapers, tons of stores, and tourists spots! Which was different for me, because is Quilmes, and Berazetegui the other cities close to Villa España only had like one street of shops and then the rest was all houses. La Plata would be like walking through a downtown of a big US City! I am sending pictures of some of the places we went to this morning, so you all will have to check out the blog when my mom gets pics put up! There is a HUGE cathedral that is gorgeous here! So it was alot fun! 

Overall I am loving it here in Villa Progresso. It has been really nice to have a new change, and to give me some new motivation. My companion is trying to kill me with excercising though. This morning I about fell over dead after we ran, then did push ups, and sit ups, and ran again for more than an hour. But I survived! haha I got pretty out of shape in Villa España, but Elder Herrera only has 8 months left and a girlfriend waiting for him at home, so we work out. I guess it is good for me, I dont have a choice, but to work out! So all is well! 

I hope all is going well at home, and that everyone just remembers the Lord has a plan, and when we put our trust him things are much easier. We talked the other day about how things can be bad, but we can feel good. And I know that this is true, we just have to figure out how to feel good when we are in bad situations. There is always a silver lining to every cloud! Keep the faith my friends :) 

Elder Hall 
 Por Fin! (Finally!) It´s really beautiful! And peaceful, and I am loving it!

 Alright my mom can be a witness that at home one of my favorite snacks was chips ahoy cookies (the blue ones, not the nasty red ones) and here in argentina I like my alfajores, well I discovered an interesting combination of both! 

 I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to do something cheesy! haha 

 La Catedral de La Plata! It reminded me of the ones in Europe! 


 There were 12 of these statues on the wall, and each of them was very unique and interesting!

 This is very interesting, if you look in his robe, there are tons of small faces, I really would enjoy talking to the man who designed this cathedral just to learn about the symbolism! 


 Beautiful Stained Glass Windows! 

I think my favorite of the day! Beautiful Cathedral with the Argentine Flag!

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