Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Buenas Tardes de La Plata (AKA I got transferred today!)

Buenas Tardes Amigos y Familia,

Wow. I am tired. And it is only 4 o´clock here! haha Well my time to leave Villa España finally arrived, on saturday night I recieved a call from the Zone Leaders telling me that I was being transferred to Villa Progreso, in La Plata which is another city about two hours away from Buenos Aires, and an hour away from Villa España. It is more towards the south, it has city, country like places, basically a mix of everything. It was here that last april there was a horrible flood that like destroyed a ton of building, and basically the city of La Plata! No worries it is all dried up now though! :) 

We left this morning at about 7:45 to head to Banfield for transfer meeting, and then afterwards started the trek to La Plata. We had to change trains three times, so it is always a little bit of an adventure, but luckily (And my family will not believe this, but you all don´t have any other option!) my sense of direction  has gotten pretty good these days, and can navigate the train system here pretty well! It is a little bit different when you are always on foot, and so you get to learn everything a lot better then just cruising by in a car (however I sure wouldn´t mind one!) But it actually wouldn´t be of any use in this area, Villa Progreso is so, so, so small. Our area is 12 blocks by 8 blocks, (with the division of Villa España our area was 20 by 16). 

I am with Elder Herrera from Mexico City, Mexico, he was Elder Garcia´s companion in Villa España before I got here, and then afterwards he was still in our zone, so I already knew him!  I am excited to have this change, and get to know a new area of Argentina. It really was hard to leave Villa España, but I kinda knew I was leaving. I felt like my progression as a missionary was a little bit at a stand still, so I think it is funny that I was put in Villa Progreso, which literally means Progress Village! So I hope the area can live up to it´s name! 

I think the hardest part of saying goodbye actually didn´t hit me until I had left Villa España when, I realized that there is a chance I will never see any of these people again, at least during this life. And honestly that was a hard thought to take in, to think that these people who I loved, and grew so close to, that I might not get to see them face to face in this life again. I am thankful for email and for skype and the technology that we have to help us keep in touch, but still it was hard! I think it made me realize the importance of  loving the people, and how I need to live, and enjoy every moment that I have with them! :) 

Overall it was a great last week in Villa España, and I am excited to start this new transfer, and adventure here in Villa Progreso! Also want to throw in a reminder to check out my blog because there is a lot of pictures this week! Hablamos pronto! 

Elder Hall 

 I am going to miss this guy! He was a great Elder who I hope to have contact with after the mission!

 Elder Dominguez (My Zone Leader who went home today!), Elder Brown, and I all are from Arizona! Dominguez is from Yuma, and Brown is from Payson! 

 Armando Aranda, this old guy cracks me up, there first time he prayed he said more then 1 bad word in the prayer (and elder de loayza and I almost died laughing because the context was hilarious), but after a few months of teaching he is praying like a champ, and if he could get his work schedule organized will be baptized! 

 And when missionaries do good service, they get good food! :) Mmmm empanadas! 

 De Loayzita and I! haha 

 We worked our tails off doing service for our investigator Maria the other day! She is in a wheel chair and can´t do a whole lot to keep her yard cleaned up, so we took on the jungle with a machete and a rake! haha and we got it done! 

 Hermana Maria Yanquelin! This lady has learned about just every single church you can imagine, and I can say there was no convincing going on with her. We didn´t have much success with her, until one day she was very sick and we gave her a Priesthood Blessing, and within a few hours she was feeling better. After that a few weeks ago she has came to church every Sunday, and she has never been baptized in a church (not even catholic as a baby (which is rare here!)) and truth to be told she was pretty proud of the fact she hadn´t been baptized, well finally this last week after many lessons and of course this priesthood blessing she committed to be baptized! :)) 

 Alright this pic does not give Emilio any justice to his true personality. He is the funniest, and craziest man that I have ever met. I really will miss the whole family. We had a lot of fun, and some great lessons with them, and I hope to get an email about his baptisms here in a few months! :) 

 Hermano Enrique Millan, this guy is amazing! He was going to school to become an evangelical preacher, and so he went to Houston, Texas for a convention, and met the missionaries! They gave him a Book of Mormon in Spanish, and when he got back to Argentina he was baptized! 

 Hna. Sylvia Antunez,and Hna. Gloria Giles two sisters who I never will forget! They were like two extra grandmas of mine! :) 

 Toto Balbuena, Me, E. De Loayza, Mariano Balbuena, and Ivan!

 La Familia Falcón! The big guy is our branch president, with his wife, kids, and a returned missionary who came back to live in Villa España! 

 Lucia, and Mariana Garcia! Their family has the best lunches in the rama, we always ate great at their house, and they are a really awesome family! 

 Saying goodbye to La Familia Nuñez! (This doesn´t even have all of the kids!) 

 Going to miss these kids! :) Like little argentine siblings to me! 

Las hermanas, Hermana Sylvia Antunez, Hermana Romina Godoy, and Us! 

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