Thursday, March 20, 2014

Otra Semana en Argentina!

Buenas Tardes Queridos! 

This week has been a very good week, and a very fast week (faster then normal)! It is crazy that next week is already transfers again! It feels like we just had transfers a few days ago, so who knows maybe next Monday I will be emailing from a new area. I really have no clue if I am staying here for 6 more weeks, or if I am headed to some where new, and honestly I will be happy either way! 

I am thankful this week for my companion, Elder De Loayza, seriously he is a crack up, and has a ton of patience. There are many nights where we both just stay up talking, whether it is discussing some of the deeper doctrine of the church (which Elder De Loayza is an expert on!) or just about what things were like before the mission, and how they will be after. We have had days where he wakes up singing opera, (in English which just kills us all with laughter) the other day he decided to talk in Portuguese for awhile, I never know what to expect from him, but I am grateful the Lord placed me with such a great friend!  

This weekend was Stake Conference and all 26 missionaries in our zone sang in the choir on Saturday night, and it really went well. It is always great to be around the members, (especially when it is large groups of Argentines (they are all a little crazy so it gets pretty funny!)) but the spirit was definitely very strong in the meetings, and there was lots of talks on The Work of Salvation and how the members should be sharing the Gospel and helping the missionaries in the ways that they can. It is always a comforting things to us as missionaries, to get to listen to the local leaders and hear their goals and the things they want to accomplish, but more then anything to get to talk with members, and see the desire that they have to share the gospel! 

I have spent a lot of time thinking this week about how I could be a better missionary, my companion was sick for a few days, so I have had lots of time to study and think. And it wasn't until I was studying this morning in Alma in the Book of Mormon, and Alma talks about a mighty change of heart that everyone has to have. I grew up in the church, I had my struggles, but I never did anything to terrible, and honestly I guess I always thought that this ¨mighty change of heart¨ was only for the people who do things really bad, and then repent and feel better. Well it was this morning that it hit me, that each of us have to have a mighty change of heart. For some people they have to do crazy repentance, and for others (like me in this case) we have to change our heart in the aspect that we give it to the Lord. We have to change the way we think, to not do what we want, or what we think is best, but to do what the Lord wants, and what he knows is best for us. It isn´t an easy thing to do, it is a constant struggle that we all should be in, but it also isn´t impossible, I think the hardest part is breaking the selfishness, some of the stubbornnessthat is inside of us, and just putting our trust in the Lord! 

Hope all is well at home, and I really hope that everyone can take a minute and just enjoy what life has given us. We were never told this life would be easy, we were just told that it would be worth it! :) Que tengan una  buena semana amigos!! 

Elder Hall 

 After Stake Conference, all of us missionaries with Hermano y Hermana Paez and their daughter Etelvina (she is headed to Chile in a week for her mission!) And on the far right is Lucia Garcia who has sent her papers in, and is waiting for her mission call! 

 Facundo (Our Branch Mission Leader) had his birthday party yesterday! Asado time! 

It was Pday what can we say! haha 

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