Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hola Muchachos Mios! :)

(email from 3/10/14)

Buen Dia Muchachos Mios! 

I hope that everyone has had a good week! And was able to take something, from last weeks, Batman and the Book of Mormon. I really do try to put meaningful things in all my letters, and usually about Saturday night, I start thinking a little bit here and there, about what message I want to share with my friends and family. So these aren't just letters I whip up out of nowhere! :) 

This week had a good week, with good weather! We worked hard, and really enjoyed ourselves! On Thursday we had a Zone Conference, which are always fun, and are great experiences. Some companionships are assigned to  teach on subjects, the Assistants to the Mission President always teach, and of course Presidente and Hermana Thurgoode spoke and taught! It is always a neat experience to get to have thirty missionaries in a room together learning from one another, and just to feel of the spirit that was there! 

We are still teaching Emilio and his wife Sara, and I will be honest I don´t know if the Lord put them in our path so that we could learn from them, or so they could learn from us. We had a lesson with them that was very spiritual, they were talking about how worried they were about things going on in their lives, and just telling us alot of different things. Well I shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon that talks about if we have faith in the Lord, we can have a firm hope for a better world, and then Elder De Loayza and I bore our testimonies of God´s plan for each one of us. As I bore my testimony, I got pretty choked up (Which rarely happens in lessons) and I shared that as missionaries, when our investigators talk of their sufferings, that we as missionaries can feel that spirit, and that we feel a bit of that suffering, that when they have joy, and share it with us, we can feel of the true happiness they have. It was something that I never had thought about until I was in the moment and the words were coming out of my mouth! So not only did I learn this lesson, but I was actually learning lessons for myself thru the spirit. 

It was a very neat experience, and it makes me want to be a more obedient missionary, to give all that I have to the Lord, and just to be the best missionary I can be. And I will be honest, I have days when I struggle, when I am selfish and stubborn, but I know that as I continue to do what the Lord asks, and keep with this process of changing and becoming better, the Lord will help me, and hopefully before the short year and half that I have left is over, I will become the missionary, that I and the Lord want me to be. 

When we fall, He is always there to dust us off, when we don´t want to walk any farther, He is there to carry us, when we have done all we can do, and we still fall short, He is there to make up the difference. How lucky we are to have a Lord and Savior as merciful and loving as Jesus Christ. Words can not express how grateful I am to be here in Argentina to spread my Savior´s love to the people here. I love you all, and pray for you guys everyday. May the Lord continue to bless us all as we continue on striving to be our best! Talk to you all soon! 

Elder Hall     

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