Monday, February 10, 2014

Otra Semana en La Misión!

Hola Everybody, (How´s that for spanglish!) 

Well this has been another great week, here in Villa Espana! I found out on Saturday, that I will be here in Villa España for at least six more weeks, which I am really excited for! I really thought I was going to leave even though I had no desire to, but I was wrong! (This is one time I am ok, and happy with being wrong! haha) My companion was made District Leader, so it will be interesting to get to watch him learn, and to get to learn through him, more of how it is to be a leader in the mission! 

We have had a lot of rain this week, Argentine has some crazy storms that pass through, and just dump water faster then it can be distributed, so there was some flooding. We got a call from the sisters Saturday in the morning asking if we could come help them bail water out of a house of a member. So we spent a good 4 hours bailing water out, bucket by bucket, but we actually had a lot of fun. Lets just say four missionaries can´t work together deflooding a house, with out dumping a few buckets of water on one another! We got the job done, and then that night it rained again crazy hard and the house re-flooded, so I am not sure what this sister is going to do! But the family was in good spirits, and the houses here are built for this kind of stuff! 

This week for my little spiritual part, I just want to express a little bit of how thankful I am for my Savior, as my friends and family are at home going through the daily struggles, and some of life´s bigger trials, I hope that you all can remember that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ suffered for every weakness we have, for every sickness, and for every sorrow we have had, have, or will have. With this knowledge, although we will never fully comprehend the fullness of His sacrifice, we can confide in him. My friends and family, put you trust in the Lord, give him your worries and sorrows. I know from experience that we all can receive the comforting warmth, and love of our Savior. I love you all. 

Elder Hall 

 Our last district meeting of the transfer! Elders Killian, Tracey, Silencio, and De Loayza!

 Almost all of the zone!

 Hard to see, but there is water in all of the house! I have to get some of the better pictures from Hermana Ockey!

 YIKES! (When this one hit we were soaked to the bone in two blocks!) 

 Little bit of fun, before we got completly soaked! 

 So this picture, I had a nice cool guy face on and wham there was a super strong breeze, and this is Elder Hall´s ¨holy cow that is really cold rain face!¨

 My district leader went home today, it is a bittersweet thing for sure! Elder Austin Tracey from Utah, he was a great example to me, and a good friend! 

One of my favorite pictures I have! Me and my two peruvians today at the transfer meeting! After one transfer as a District Leader, Elder Garcia was moved up as a Zone Leader! 

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