Monday, February 24, 2014

Informe de Semana en Villa España (That´s a little formal!)

Hola Amigos! :) 

Well another week has flown by (like always) (I imagine you are all tired of hearing that by now! haha)! The weeks really do go by faster and faster, my zone leader who goes home in three weeks told me this week, that he remembers the first six months, and then after that it was just a blur! So we will see next Monday after I have hit my six months if time really will be blazing by! I imagine it will! 

This week has been a pretty good week! We have had pretty regular weather, (Except for a tornado that touched ground about 30 blocks from us, lifted up a car, and did some damage to a few houses, who knew there were tornadoes in Argentina! Everyone was shocked they said they only hear about these types of things in the US on TV!) (So I guess it wasn´t that regular!) But it has been cooler, and we haven´t had crazy rain. So I guess I just take it day for day! 

We have an investigator that Elder Garcia and I contacted months ago, and well last week, or the week before we passed by his house, and he let us come in. Well now two weeks later he is midway through 2 Nephi in the Book of Mormon! He is soaking up things like a sponge! He was so excited to tell us what he has learned that we couldn´t share lesson 1: The Restoration, to him until our third appointment. He was like a kid in a candy store telling us about 2 Nephi Chapter 2 where it talks about Adam and Eve, and the reason they had to sin, and he told us he never understood it from just the Bible. He is from Chile, and I will be honest is kind of crazy, but he is a genius! He knows a ton of stuff from the Bible, and loves to learn. We call him Tio, which means uncle. So yes I now have a Chilean uncle! haha It is amazing to watch the message of The Book of Mormon change peoples lives, and bring them more light and knowledge! 

I got to go on a Companion Exchange or Intercambio as we call them, with Elder Dominguez from Yuma, Arizona this week in Quilmes! It was a lot of fun, he is one of our zone leaders and will finish his mission in a few weeks at the end of this transfer! It is always fun to get to do Intercambios, and it was nice to speak in English! I am thankful for the example of some of the older missionaries, and for what they do to help some of us newer missionaries out. They all just say how fast it goes by, well at least the ones who work, and enjoy their time here! :) 

Overall things are going along good, here in Villa España! Everyday is a surprise, and truly is a gift from God! Life is much better, when we live happily, when we don´t stress over the small things, and we remember that God always has a plan for us! The key is to learn to trust less in ourselves, and more in Him. Love you all! 

Elder Hall 

 We also went to a wedding this week of some of the investigators of the Sisters, that I had 
known before the split.

 Then there is a picture of all of us in the pension. Elder Santos (El Salvador (The Country)), 
Elder Hathaway (Sandy, Utah), and then us

 Tio Emilio and his wife Sara! :) 

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