Monday, February 17, 2014


Hola Amigos,

I am doing great this week! We had a very successful mini missionary training center activity with our branch all day Saturday! And It just went so good! It was great to get to work with the youth here and to help them to get excited to do missionary work! :) And I got to put a little bit of my four years of student counsel and event organizing skills into use, so it was something I thoroughly enjoyed. We had training and practices in the morning, and then in the afternoon we left the church and went out to knock and doors, and contact people in the streets in groups! I was working with a 17 year old kid who really isn´t to much in to church stuff, and it was amazing to watch him change and share the gospel with people.   This week I am thankful for the influence God gives his missionaries to help the members and youth. Our jobs are not only to help those who are not members of the church, but to strengthen the members in their testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It is so much fun, and makes me so happy to get to work with the members and have my personal conversion grow alongside theirs!

Forgive me for how short this is, but I had a lot of other emails to reply to, and I loved it! Keep them coming! :) But before I close I have to share a funny story that happened last night. Here in Villa España we are in a city, but there are still horse drawn carts that people who collect trash and metal use. Well we were walking down the road last night,  and this guy had his horse tied up in front of his house. Well the windows were open so we could see the family was gathered around with friends just talking and enjoying one another's company, well as we are walking we see the man, untie his horse, and brings him right in to the front room of the house! My companino and I just started dieing laughing because it was crazy random, and we still don't know why! Just the craziness of this country I guess!

Love ya all! :)

Elder Hall

 All of us at the Mini-MTC! :) 

 Los Misioneros de Villa España y Presidente y Hermana Thurgood!

 Hermana Ockey, Milagros, and I with two jokers who decided to join in!

Wow. Seriously I can´t believe the change that I have seen in Milagros from the time I first met her, to her baptism, to now. She is a hundred percent different person. She went from rarely coming to church and not liking it, to getting up baring her testimony, active in the Young Womens program, and preparing for a mission! :) I am so glad to have played a little role in her life! 

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