Monday, February 3, 2014

Buenos Tardes :)

Hola Semejantes! (Kinda a weird introduction it means like fellow men, but it is different!) haha 

Espero que toda está bien! We had another great week here in Villa España! We had a nice little break from the hot weather and have had rain, and cloudy breezy weather for the majority of the week! 

And finally this week things have started to pick up, after over a month of working our hind ends off we finally have a nice little group of people to teach, and looks like Villa España will have three baptisms at the end of the month! :) So we are pretty happy about that!

This week I had a realization, Argentina right now is a lot like how it was in New York in the early 1800´s in the aspect of the amount of churches and religions that are here right now. Like you all wouldn´t believe the number of evangelical, catholic, Jehovah´s Witnesses, and every other type of belief you could possibly imagine that is here right now! And they all go out and proselyte, and so it really is something special when we have the opportunity to share the experience of Joseph Smith from the verse in the bible, James 1:5, about asking god if you lack wisdom, to when he saw God the Father and Jesus Christ and was called to restore Christ´s Church here on the earth, it is something amazing when these people realize they don´t have to live in the traditions of their fathers, that they can actually pray and know for themselves of the truthfulness of this gospel. That is one part about our message as missionaries, that when we go into the people´s house they know we are there to share, but they have to take the initiative and pray about it, and have to know and feel for themselves that these things are true. We are not on this mission to convince people to walk into a baptismal font, we are here to share the message of Christ and then if the people feel it is for them, they can follow in the footsteps of our Lord and Savior, and be baptized. 

It really is something that gives me hope for this world when we find people of other faiths who are truly practicing what they preach and you literally can see the glow of a good person and the light of Christ in their eyes. This world is full of losers, but it also has great people in it, and often times I learn so much from these amazing people! 

All is well here, hope and pray it is the same for all of you at home. 

Con Amor, 

Elder Hall 

 La Obra Misional here in Villa España Elder De Loayza, Me, Facundo, Mariano, Ludmila, Hermana Okey, Hermana Oliva, and Presidente Falcón!

 We found this place called Jumbo (Prounounced Shumbo here)  in Quilmes, it was like we were at home! :)

 Crazy rain! This pic doesn´t even do it justice!

 Had fun handwashing a million pairs of socks! haha 

 How grateful for the message of ¨La Restauración¨ that we have, and for the opportunity I have to share it!

Mariano and I, he was called to serve as a ¨Mini-Misionero¨ so it is like a one month mission! I was a little sad to see a good friend leave, but so proud to have gotten to know him, and just the little role I got to play in his life. I will never forget Mariano Balbuena and his family, they are like Argentine Family to me! 

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  1. This is so great it fun to see what you are up to. You are in our prayers!