Monday, January 27, 2014

¡Que Calor! Estoy quemando aquí en Argentina!


Hola Familia y Amigos,

(I don´t think you all realize how much I try to put something new, but letter writing is not a very common subject so I don´t know the vocabulary to put something more then just Amigos y Familia!) haha 

So this week has been HOT! Like all of my phoenix family and friends I don´t want to hear it in july and august when you are all roasting, I have lived in the heat all my life, and I would say I am pretty well acustomed to the heat, but here is a totally different story. It is crazy hot, and crazy humid. Like I have heard all my life why would you guys want to live in Arizona it is so hot, and  I say here, why would anyone want to live here it is so hot and humid! But needless to say I am surviving! 

Apart from the heat, the work he has been a bit slow, we have been working hard everyday trying to contact old investigators, knocking (actually here in Argentina is clapping) on doors, and just talking with people in the street, and we just didn´t quite have the success that I would have liked. Never the less, we are working, and I still am happy and just going with the flow. The definition of success as outlined in, ¨Preach My Gospel, The Handbook for Missionaries¨ is that our success is not defined by our number of baptisms, or lessons, but by the dedication we have as missionaries to the Lord and to his work! So I am keeping that in mind and we are going to try some new techniques this coming week. 

A huge blessing that I have seen in the last 3 weeks to a month is my ability to speak. I know that the Lord has strengthed me so much to be able to communicate with the people this transfer. With me being the one who knows the members, who knows the area, and who is kinda running the show here in Villa España I have really had to start talking more, and I have been blessed with the strength that I needed to get those ideas acrossed, and the things out that I needed to say. So it has been alot more enjoyable as well, just to be able to talk with the people, and to not be worried about what was going to come out of my mouth! 

We are all pretty excited because next tuesday we get to go to the temple as a district, and get to do a session! Because we are headed to the temple on tuesday, this will be my Pday, so when you all don´t get an email monday you will know I am not croaked over somewhere, just having to wait till tuesday! 

I am hoping all is well, and am trying my best to send,every single bit of warmth and sun I can, (not because I am nice, but because I dont want it here!) to my friends and familiy up in the northern hemisphere! As always your in my thoughts and prayers! 

Elder Hall 

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