Tuesday, January 7, 2014

¡Feliz Nuevo Año!

¡Feliz Nuevo Año mis amado amigos y familia! 

How crazy it is to think that 2013 has come and gone (Que Rapido!!). I spent a some time thinking about 2013, and all of the things that happened in this year. I am not going to waste everyone´s time and list everything that happened, but I will say how thankful I am for the blessings, and just everything that I have had happen to me in the past year. I have seen alot of change in myself, in my family, and in everything, but I would have to say for the most part it is all good. 2013 will forever be one of the most memorable years of my life. Never the less bienvenido 2014!! 

So this week was a week of lots of lessons for me, but in a good way. Because Elder De Loayza doesn´t know the area, I basically have the responsibilites of a Senior Companion, decide who we are going to vistit, and what we are going to teach, and just direct the work here in this part. Let me tell you it isn´t easy. Like really it is quite hard, but I have felt the spirit much closer, as we have planned and been prompted to visit these different people, or go to a certain area, and we have had some powerful lessons, and just it has been amazing. Like I have a new found respect for planning, and planning with the spirit. Now obviously all of you at home don´t sit down, every night and have a serious planning session with a prayer and everything, but I think a lesson that applies to us all is, to walk everyday with the spirit. That as we say our personal prayers, as we read our scriptures, attend church, and live the commandments the Lord is going to bless us with his spirit, and our paths will be guided. 

Elder De Loayza is great! Like I seriously don´t know how I have lucked out and had such great companions. He is really chilled out, and kinda crazy spiritual (but not in the like woah this kid is kinda weird spiritual), he is always ready to work, and honestly I am so excited to get to work with him for the next six weeks. I think I am going to grow a lot as a missionary with him as my companion!  

So this week I also had another first! ¡Un perro me mordió! I got bit by a dog! This dang dog was like a black wolf, it was huge, and here in Argentina they always have a wall or fence of some kind in the front of the house. So we were talking with the owners, and out of nowhere through the bars of the fence this dog bites me! I really didn´t think it was that bad, because nothing happened to my shirt, and honestly it took me a minute to register what happened. And to top it off the people didn´t even want to listen. haha Well we get to the bus stop and I unbottoned two buttons of my shirt and my undershirt has a nice bloodspot and I was like awh crap this is worse then I thought! It turned out to not be that bad, and it mainly just scratched my skin, never like punctered! So I learned to keep the belly away from the fence! I am healing good though, and am not worried! 

So overall it was a great week, and I am looking forward to this next week! Hope all is well with everyone at home! Love ya all! 

Elder Hall   
ouch :( 
(moms note: I want to break the dogs neck)

Holy Delicious! haha 
(moms note: i sent him mac n cheese in his package, they don't have it in Argentina!)

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