Tuesday, December 3, 2013

¿Donde está Noviembre?

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Feliz primero de Diciembre! I am still trying to figure out what happened to November because it feels like the month just started! Next week we will already be halfway through this transfer! Time flies when you are having fun I guess! 

So because I know every one was worried about me croaking from homesickness I´ll talk about that first! Thursday was just another day here in the mission for me! Seriously we are so busy, I didn´t really have time to think about it being Thanksgiving! And to be quite honest that is something I am thankful for! We just worked all day, and to be honest I never even ended up having an alfajore like I planned! So it really was just a regular Thursday here in the field! 

Friday I headed to El Cruce another area in our Zone for an intercambio (companionship exchange) I worked with Elder Silencio, he is from Peru, and actually has the same amount of time as me in the mission but has been in the field for a transfer longer, because he already spoke spanish so he only had two weeks in the MTC. He is a great elder, and I enjoyed working with him. The area of El Cruce, not as much, let´s just same I am EXTREMELY grateful for the area that I am in! Villa España is a pretty busy area, and a lot prettier! But we had a really good time!

Then Saturday afternoon we had the baptism of Daniela Godoy! It was a very nice service, and it has been so awesome to watch the way Daniela has changed so willingly and just accepted the Gospel with such an open heart! The Relief Society (Women´s Organization for our church) has helped us out a ton, and have just welcomed Daniela in. I really think she feels loved and around people who care about her. I hope that this friendship will continue to help her progress in the gospel! 

Sunday we had this training by some Senior Missionaries about an open house program we are going to be doing here in a couple weeks, and another Senior Missionary Couple was with them from a mission in the south of Argentina. Well we got to talking and Elder and Sister Ehmke are from Show low, Arizona. Elder Ehmke was the principal for a long time and he knows all of my family from Show Low. And the reason I know he wasn´t lieing was when he said, ¨Your grandma Estelle used to get so wound up at Baseball games that sometimes as a school principal, I just thought to myself Estelle would you please calm down!¨Now when I heard this I was almost on the floor dieing laughing! If you don´t know my great grandmother she is a little old lady more loving then just about anyone I know, with a side when it comes to ball games ain´t nobody in their right mind would want to cross! Anyways... it was just such a neat blessing, and such a small world that I am halfway across the world and I can still run into people that know family! 

Overall it was a truly great week here in Villa España, I still after 3 months of being here in the mission go home every night having learned something new. My testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ grows just a little day, and my trust in our Heavenly Father´s plan for me and my life, grows stronger and stronger. As it gets colder at home, and that special spirit of Christmas starts to fill the air, a little challenge, I ask that every person, regardless of religion try to share just a small message of our Savior with someone they care about. There is something about December and a chill in the air that seems to open people hearts. I hope that maybe the humidity here has the same effect! 

As always your all in my thoughts in prayers, Yo espero todo de ustedes, tengan una buena Semana! Talk to you soon! 

Con Amor,

Elder Hall  
 My Thanksgiving Dinner in the pension! A Milanesa Sandwich. Milanesa is like the main food of argentina it basically is like either a chicken fried steak but really thin and a chicken patty combined! It comes in beef as well! We eat it probably four or five times a week!

 Elder Garcia and I with Daniela and her daughter Melody on Saturday

Elder & Sister Ehmke from Show Low

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