Monday, December 9, 2013

Hola Mis Amigos!

Hola Compañeros! 

Hope every one has had a great week, here in Buenos Aires, we had another great week in the mission! This week I am writing with a little country Christmas music playlist, going on in the background! It is hard to imagine it is almost Christmas. Ya here they have little Christmas trees, the stores decorate, but honestly Argentina lacks the Christmas spirit that I love. I think alot of it is because in the US we have Christmas with the people we love, and that is what it is all about. Here they don´t have that same focus. But the members are still so nice, and we have a little Christmas tree for the pension so I am not totally deprived! It is an adjustment like everything else! It just means I have to share a little bit of our traditions with my investigators and the members here! 

This week was a good week a little bit different than normal but it was still good! Monday when I was finishing my final email to my mom. as I hit send there was a huge clap of thunder, and all of the lights and computers in the cybers died! We had this crazy little microburst that came through, knocked down trees and all kinds of stuff! And we were in the street running back to the pension when all this was going on! Good times :)  haha luckily we made it safe and ended up talking with some of our neighbors who we found out lived in the US for 12 years and recently moved back! They aren´t interested in the church, but still it is always good to know your neighbors! 

Wednesday we had a Zone Conference! It was a full day of missionary training, but it was really great. I learned alot, and was excited to get out and try some of the new things we learned! One of the new ways we are trying to find people to teach is through Family History work! We have a family history center close by, and so we actually offered to help a family that the missionaries in this area have been trying to teach for a really long time, to find their ancestors, and they accepted! So it was a sweet surprise to see the results of this just a few hours after learning about this! 

The weather here is so crazy! We had the microburst deal, then it will be cool one day, then the next it is roasting and there is a ton of humidity. Today is pretty nice but it is always changing here, so we never know what to expect when we walk out the door in the morning! 

This afternoon we have also had an interesting experience, as of right now we can´t get into our apartment! Elder Garcia and I left this morning and then the other two elders left, and when we came back the lock is all messed up and the key won´t turn. And from one until four in the afternoon here we have the wonderful siesta (nap) that let me tell  you can really throw things off! So we have to go find a lock smith when everything opens back up! Our district was going to all have lunch together as well so it was pretty funny we had a bag of chicken and I found some rebar and we were able to open the fridge from the window, and then we were tried to sling the bag of chicken into the fridge, and all just cracking up! So hopefully we get things taken care of! I am getting a little hungry... 

Anyways all is well here in La Misión I am loving it here! I love the people I teach, and the members here. Yes it is different, but it is amazing. I have never had a more amazing experience then I have in the last few months. To be able to share this knowledge, and help people in their conversion it just is almost underwhelming at times (in a good way). I just think alot about how lucky I truly am to have the life that I have and to be able to have such great family and friends. Often times we see lots of sad cases where families have been destroyed, and it just makes me want to work even harder to try and help out as many people as I can in the short time that I have here! 

All of you norte americanos enjoy your cold weather, and I will be here enjoying my time, in the work of the Lord, roasting away! Love you all! 

Elder Hall 

On a side note: in our weekly emailing he has assured me he is not homesick. He does really miss Christmas since it is celebrated much differently there than here. He said the weather is so humid & yuck but he is glad it isn't cold because that would make him think it should really be Christmas! He loves this time of year probably more than any of his siblings do so as his mom I've been a little worried about him!  We are really looking forward to being able to Skype with him on Christmas day!  He loves it there & loves everything about being on a mission. I am so proud of him & that he is making the most of his experience there! He redeemed himself & did send pictures later today!
 Showing off his weight gain. If you know his Dad & Papa, well it looks like he will be taking after them! Skinny guys with a gut that sticks out! haha!

 Elder Garcia is 20 years old & has never shaved, so Elder Hall gave him lessons, scary!

Half done, the things missionaries do!

 ¡Capos! (A word for like a cool guy) 

So we have ¨Factura Friday¨for weekly planning session! Facturas are these delicious pastries that I love!!

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