Tuesday, November 26, 2013

¿Que es Tanks-hiving?

Hola Familia y Amigos! 

Mi primero pregunta es, ¿Que es Tanks-hiving? Well actually that is the question I have gotten asked multiple times! What is thanksgiving, apparently it is a Yankee holiday, I don`t know why it`s not like it is a holiday that was started at the founding of America or anything! No just kidding, but serioulsy it is so weird to think that this week is thanksgiving! Here is hot, and it is HUMID! And it is only going to get worse! Not anything remotely like the Arizona weather I am used to, especially for November! But I am cruising along, trying my best!

This week was a really great week, yesterday I had the privledge of baptizing Angelíca Milagros Nuñez or as we know her just Milagros! Milagros is fourteen years old, and she was actually baptized when she was younger, but the church lost her records, and so the procedure for the church is that when there is no record of an ordinance they re-do it! The thing was her family has been inactive for along time, and so it was basically like teaching an investigator! Milagros is the aunt of the kids I sent the picture of last week! It is has been so much fun to work with this family and such a blessing in my life! We love the nuñez`s and they are starting to come back to church, so we will see where it all goes from here! 

Daniela, the lady we have been teaching who lost her spouse, is like a sponge, she just takes everything we say, and this week we had a really neat spiritual experience at a family home evening we had with her and a family in our branch. We watched the movie, ``The Restoration`` which is great if you haven`t seen it I highly recommend it! Anyways after we watched it, I had the opportunity to bear my testimony of the experince of Joseph Smith, and the importance for her to find out for herself if these things we had been teaching were true, because she has been taught the lessons, and she likes what she hears but hasn´t had that confirming moment yet in her conversion. Well after Elder Garcia, Hermana Garcia (no relation to my companion), and I had born our testimonies we were all a little choked up and Daniela was crying becuase we felt the spirit so strong. She said the closing prayer, and as soon as she said amen, she just started bawling. It was an amazing experience to watch the spirit work in her, and how overcome she was. It was a very sweet experience that I will forever be greatful for. 

Another great experience I had this week happened in the filthy waiting room of a hospital. (Apparently dogs are allowed in hospitals here. !?aye ya yay, que va a hacer?! (What are you going to do about it)) Anyways we had a crazy man come up to us and start yelling at us how he was god, and lots of other stuff I didn´t understand, (Missionaries are crazy magnets, we deal with these people like at least 5 of the 7 days a week. Some times it gets exhausting!) But every cloud has this silver lining this lady walked uo and we started talking and i had the best conversation with her about Christ and how blessed we were to not be so confused like the crazy man, well then she started sharing some experiences she had had in her life, and the spirit hit me like a wall to share the First Vision (the experience of Joseph Smith) by the end of it she was crying and I bore my testimony. I think this week I learned most the power of testimony, and just talking and recieving the guidance I need from the spirit. It is just an amazing feeling to literally be guided almost word for word by the spirit. This was probably the first time in the mission that I felt it this strong, and it was just like WHAM! I left her a little card with the directions to the church on it and we parted ways!

This was a great week in the mission, and I just keep learning more and more! Just take things a day at a time, and time cruises! I can´t believe that while you all are stuffing your faces with my favorite foods on thursday, I will be in the pension, eating an alfajore, and celebrating just a little three months in the mission! Never in my life have three months passed by so fast! It´s just crazy to think! 

Anyways, I hope all is well at home, I love you all, and miss you, and I hope hope you have a Muy feliz Dia de Gracias! 

Con todo mi amor,

Elder Hall

 All of us at the baptism of Milagros! Hermana Nuñez, Milagros, Hermano Rafael Nuñez

 Elder Hall, Milagros, & Elder Garcia

 Elder Hall & Milagros

This is a special candy they only eat at christmas time, a lady in the ward gave us each one! It is like a big hunk, but not as good!

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