Monday, November 18, 2013

1 Transfer in the Field Down!

¡Buenas Tardes Amigos y Familia!

¡Ojalá toda esta bien! Todo bien aqui en Argentina. I have actually had a really weird week! I have actually been sick on and off this week! Had some wicked migraines and a fever on and off from monday night until about wednesday or thursday! But I am doing good now! 

Elder Garcia and I also worked our tails off for two days scowering our area for a new apartment! They are divinding Villa España into two areas! So either this week or next week, we are going to get a set of Sister Missionaries! I am so excited because their is a part of our area that has a lot of money, and Elders have had no luck getting into houses! I really think Sisters will be able to break into this part of our area! Plus to have four missionaries working in just one branch is pretty awesome! Who knows maybe these sisters will give us the extra boost we need to make Villa España into a ward! 

I also finished my very first transfer in Argentina, and my second in total! In every mission there is 17 transfers or 6 week periods of time! I am excited because I am here in Villa España for at least another 6 weeks! The end of this transfer will mark 6 months that Elder Garcia has been in this area! And for some reason Villa España has a tradition of long time stays! One elder who actually finished his mission today served here for a year, I have heard about others 8 or 9 months! Just long periods of time! So who knows how long I am here! For now I love it here so I am good with whatever! 

So Elder Holland was AMAZING!! He was everything that I was expecting! The same powerful speaker we all know and love was here in Argentina! However it is so interesting to me how when he speaks, he has a humble weeping way of speaking combined with all the fire and brimstone strength! He spoke alot about after our missions and how we should never forget the things we learned here. He talked about the most crushing thing in his life is to talk with a returned missionary who has lost his faith. It really made me think about how I want to be when I get home, and be the kind of person that comes home changed, but in a good way. Changed as in some one who has complete faith and trust in the Lord, and has truly served with all his heart and mind. One of the things I am learning is that you can serve with all your strength, and you are still doing alot of good and helping to change other people´s lives, but if you don´t serve with all your heart and mind, you don´t allow your own life to be changed and blessed. 

He also spoke alot on the Atonement and the power that it can have in our lives, as well as in the lives of our investigators! Probably my favorite quote from his talk was this, ´´The road to Salvation always goes through Gethsemane, it is the way of the cross. We all have a cross to bear, it may be a tiny one, but we all have a tiny cross to remind us of the big cross´´ He spoke alot about how this work we are doing is not easy, and it never was meant to be easy, not after Christ suffered everything he had to save our souls. We all have a small price to pay, and that is why life in general is not always easy. 

The biggest thing that I can stress, and message that I can share is the difference between just having a testimony, and being converted to the gospel. And there is a huge difference. A testimony of the Gospel can carry us through those good times in our lives, but when those rough patches in life arise, we fall. The need for a deep routed conversion in the Gospel of Jesus Christ has never been more neccesary. I work with people every single day, who had a testimony when the missionaries taught them, they felt the spirit and that peace, but over time never tried to strengthen their faith, and in the end lost touch with the church, and fell back into the way of life they had before. Now obviously there are lots of other circumstances that cause people to leave the church, but for those of us as members, we need to do all we can to strengthen our faith and become truly converted. If there is a doctrine you aren´t sure about, wether it be tithing, the word of wisdom, hey maybe even the Book of Mormon, try it out! Pay your tithing, live the word of wisdom, read the Book of Mormon, then look at your life, I offer my witness as a missionary of the Lord, that as we take these doctrines and apply them in our lives we will become more converted. It is no overnight process, it is just a little here, and a litte there, but eventually we will be strengthened! I know it! 

Sorry I will get down off my soap box, I guess I was feeling a little inspired after listening to my favorite Apostle! Don´t worry everyone I am not some spiritual guru who doesnt do anything, but sit and read my scriptures. I am still the same goof ball Brennen, you all know! I just have learned so much, and I don´t just only want to help the people of Argentina, but the people who I love so much back home! I hope and pray all is well back home, as you can probably tell I am doing great here, and just love it so much! ¡Hablamos Pronto!

Elder Hall

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