Monday, October 21, 2013

Top Ten Questions for Villa Espana

1.  Do you actually have to use the beday?
    NO quite honestly I am scared to try and never have, dont plan to! (Yuck)

2.  Do you have to hand wash your clothes?
     We have a sister in the ward who does all our laundry! (Thanks for the question I had to remind my comp that we need to drop it off!)

3.  Garret wants to know what other kind of cereal you have?
     They have other types of cereal but not a whole lot, and it is super expensive!!

4.  Do you actually get mail or does the mission home deliver to you? & if they deliver to you, how often do they?
     To be honest I am not sure, not alot of people send stuff here, but I am pretty sure that the mission home delivers to our zone leaders who then distribute! Not sure how often probably once a week at our district meetings!

5.  How much do you weigh
     Not sure still trying to figure out the conversion between kilograms and pounds! Probably about the same at the mtc lots and lots of walking so I work off what I eat (well maybe!) We are always either walking or take a collectivo (bus) if we leave our area a train!

6.  Whats the one thing you already miss about the US?
     Umm cleanliness but you just get used to everything being dirty everywhere. And easy shopping. Here there is a store for everything so it takes a while!

7.  What is something you realize you can live without?
     Not exactly sure, I think snacks. They only eat at meals and I realized I am a big snacker. Nothing to munch on here!

8.  Do you have a cell phone?
     Yes each companionship has a cell phone!

9.  Is there stray dogs everywhere?
     Everywhere....but it isn´t those you have to watch out for it is the dogs that try to eat you through the fence that are the mean ones!

10.  Do you meet in a regular church building?
       We have a beautiful Capilla! (Chapel) here it is small but very nice!

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