Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Rat That Didn't Get Away!

(10/22/13 Elder Hall emailed home for a quick minute because he had finished his online training they had to do & he had a few extra minutes & since they didn't have much time on pday he wanted to send another story & a picture of the firefighters from the last email!)

I swear it is always something! I didnt even get to talk about killing the rat at our Branch Mission Leaders house! It was hilarious we had to tear apart his entire apartment and then couldn´t find the mouse anywhere. Well he opens up a cabinet that we had already checked and the mouse jumps out, and runs across right in front of me so I jump then it gets trapped inside of the kitchen which is about the size of my closet at home! So I take a broomstick and then basically spear it! Then we all just started laughing because it was so funny! 

(Ok for those of you that know Elder Hall, you are cracking up right now because you can see him & his Brennen ninja skills (NOT!) anyway this cracked me up because he really isn't so skilled at things like this, but its awesome to laugh & hear his stories!)
The Rat Slayer (looks like a tiny mouse to me!)

Elder Garcia with the poor sad little mouse

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