Monday, October 21, 2013

¡Saludos de Argentina!

Hola Mi Amigos y Familia,

¡Saludos de 6000 mias! I hope all is well back home! Things are going great here in Argentina, I really am enjoying it here and loving the area that I am in! We are staying busy, but have had a difficult week getting into appointments! Tons of people are canceling or not showing, but we did manage to get another baptismal date so we are up to four of them. 2 of them I am almost am certain will progress to baptism the first part of november, the other two are progressing just not quite as fast so we will have to see! 

We are teaching a partial member family who have like 10 people who live in one house it is the grandparents some of their kids, and then grandkids as well! Well I found a little girl who I swear is the Argentine version of Laynee! She is about 4 years old and her name is Florencia, but they call her Flopy! This little girl is a crack up! She doesn´t not stop talking at all...and then she doesn´t understand that I don´t understand spanish yet, and so she just looks at me like ¨´hello are you stupid..¨ It is so funny, and I wish I could talk to her better! 

This week we also have been helping this 85ish year old widow. You wanna talk about funny. This sweet old lady stands about 4 and a half foot, and when she starts talking I can´t understand hardly anything, because it is so fast and then she will just start  busting up laughing, because she cracks herself up, and she has the funniest mannerisms. We ran all over Villa España trying to buy her medications and shopping for her, and it was a crazy little trip but alot of fun. We are headed back tomorrow for the same thing! 

Latin Companions are so much fun as well. Seriously Elder Garcia is always cracking me up. Latins are quite the jokers, so between the four of us in our apartment we are always playing a joke on someone! And them learning english right along side us with spanish, makes things alot easier, because it puts us on kind of a bit more equal playing field. So we are always having fun practicing the language. Which is starting to come along. Spansih finally doesn´t sound so foreign to me. I am starting to get an ear for the language and can understand much better than even just a week ago! I am starting to talk more in the lessons, and can get a general idea acrossed of what I am trying to say. I have been inspired multiple times to say things, and I know that the gift of tongues is real. I have said stuff when inspired by the spirit that I didn´t really even know. I also have learned that the gift of tongues can work in the fact that you might say it wrong but the people understand what you say. I am thanful for these moments that the spirit has touched me in sharing the gospel. I am learning what it feels like to truly be a tool in the Lord´s hands.

Today though was the funniest, we went to another area called Quilmes for a Zone Activity to play futbol and have Asado, the famous Argentine Meat! So we get to Quilmes after a train ride, and the elders start cooking and it is all over open flame. Well there are these big trees that are hallowed out that people build there cooking fires in. Well we get the meat put on and cooking, and after about 30 minutes a fire truck pulls up, and these fire fighters explain that someone from the school acrossed the street had called about a fire in the park. Well then he makes us move all of the meat and the coals out and away from the tree, and they take the fire hose and blast our cooking fire area! THEN (it gets better) This school teacher comes running over, and starts yelling at all the missionaries, and saying what a shame we all come to her country for the church, and burn down there parks, and just how much of a shame it was. Then she asks where we are all from and when there is no Argentines in our zone she really lays into us! We all just laughed afterwards! Then they continued cooking and we had a great lunch of Asado and Argentine Chorizo (which is more like a sausage in the casing still not like mexican chorizo!) It was so good and we had a great time! 

I am doing great and love Argentina, you are all in my prayers!

PS. If you didn´t get a personal reply this week I am sorry! Not alot of time! Next week!

Con Amor,

Elder Hall

Los Bomberos (Firefighters!)

 Hallowed out tree in the park

Preparing to cook the meat

 The meat cooking


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