Monday, October 28, 2013

!2 Meses en La Mision!

¿Que Tal Amigos y Familia?

Ustedes puedan creer, yo estoy aqui en la mision for 2 mezes! ¡Esta Loco! Can you guys believe I have been in the mission for 2 months already! It is crazy! I can not believe how fast time flies by! It feels like an eternity since I have seen everyone but it feels like just yesterday I got here! I don´t know how to describe it! 

This week was more of a week of adjustment for me. The newness is starting to wear off and I am getting more comfortable with being in the mission. So Elder Garcia and I are really starting to learn to work together because I am offering my own ways of how to do stuff! It isn´t easy trying to  adjust to a whole new culture, a new language, and just the life of a missionary! But I am loving it, the Lord is always strengthening his missionaries, and I am so greatful for that! I am adjusting pretty well, and just kinda going along with things, and learning more each and everyday! 

I am growing to love the people here so much, they really are starting to become extensions of my family, and the members here have done so much, and are so nice to welcome me in, and help me with the language and everything. I will be forever greatful to the people of Villa España for helping to make my first area so great, and I really hope I get to stay here for at least one more transfer or more. I am finally starting to know the area, and the people, and I am not ready to be transfered in a few weeks! 

This was another great week here in Argentina! We were able to contact some people on the street wich is pretty rare here! And we also kept ourselves busy teaching! On Saturday we had the opportunity to attend the temple in Buenos Aires, which is about an hour trip from where I am here in Villa España! The Rama (branch) went, and we also had an investigator accompany us! Elder Garcia and I put together a small devotional for the members who could not enter the temple yet, and then we had some time to just walk around and partake of the spirit that is there on the temple grounds. I actually had a moment where I got a little emotional, because I felt so at home. Even though I am 6000 miles away from my real home, I was on the grounds of the house of my Father in Heaven. I was reminded again of the special blessing that we have, to have temples here on this earth where we can recieve those special blessings, and make those covenants that can only be made in the House of the Lord. 

If all goes as planned we will be having a baptismal service on Saturday for one our investigators Sebastien. Sebastien is 10 years old, and has become like an Argentine little brother for me! He loves to mess with the white boy who can´t speak spanish, and has been alot of fun to teach! Something really cool is he asked me to baptize him! So I was pretty humbled to have this experience within my first month of being in Argentina! It is such an amazing experience to watch people come into the church, and help them experience the spirit in their lives. We are just praying that all goes well, and we are able to do it this saturday

Overall another great week in Villa España, the work is progressing, maybe not quite as fast as we would like, but we are just reminded we are on the Lord´s time and we will do whatever we need to, and when he is ready everything will fall into place! 

Con Amor,

Elder Hall

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